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Wij Amsterdam6shooters zijn een vriendelijke club van volwassen wargamers die twee keer per maand wargames (en soms boardgames) met miniaturen organiseren in Amsterdam-Oost. Met passie, met lol, met plezier en met stijl. En heel breed: Alexander de Grote, Napoleon, WOII, 40K, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing: het komt allemaal op tafel. Met ons meedoen kan door gratis te registreren en daarna via de agenda op de site een tafel te boeken. Een eigen leger hebben is niet eens nodig: we hebben alles. Dus wat let je? Angst voor miniatuurtjes?

MathHammer Weapon Profiles – MathHammer App Update

I have got the first big update for Mathhammer! Yeah! I’ve added MathHammer Weapon Profiles so that each saved Attacker Profile can have one or more weapons associated with it. MathHammer Weapon Profiles This is less useful for a Guardsman. But really useful for a Leman Russ, a Baneblade or a Knight. You can add as many weapons as you wish to a profile, giving you the true damage output of the unit. You can overwrite the BS too. This is particularly useful if you have a unit with an Assault weapon or Pistol that has a BS of maybe […]

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Cadian Shock

Man flu and the Royal Game of Ur

Not really connected, except that I wouldn’t have discovered the latter without a dose of the former rendering me incapable of stringing many coherent thoughts together.

But hey, I vanished down a YouTube rabbit hole yesterday  (as this requires very little brain) and came up with something that’s both about ancient history and boardgames. Good enough for here, no?

The Royal Game of Ur, for those not aware, is generally held to be the oldest playable board game in existence. The latter appeared on a cuneiform tablet in the British Museum, and were the subject of some serious research by Irving Finkel, who’s one of the museum curators.  The video in question is from blogger/YouTuber Tom Scott (of whom I’m a fan), who actually took on Finkel at the game.

What actually makes it interesting is that, despite (in the form they were playing it) being a very simple game (you can explain the rules in under two minutes) it has a fascinating combination of luck and strategy, has dice that are basically ancient D4’s (well, technically D2’s!) and is a game with an interesting self-balancing property where the further ahead you are, the easier it is for your opponent to catch up (given a bit of luck and optimal play).

A fun game: I shall have to grab a copy to add it to our copy of Hnefatafl.Trouble T’Mill

The 300 Austrians

Back at the last Historicon in Frederiscksburg, in 2017. I acquired the somewhat insane amount of roughly 300 Old Glory Austrian Napoleonic Infantry for $100. It’s been 2 years, and I just now decided to finally sort out exactly what I had on hand!  This was prompted by the 90 Austrian Line that I am painting right now, which will exhaust my supply of same, otherwise. While the bulk of the figures were in there original bags, there were quite a few more that were loose and somewhat mixed up.

2 bags of 30 German Line in Shako, 2 bags of 30 German Line in Shako,  Attack-March, 1 bag of German Line in Shako, Road March (I especially like these!), and 1 bag of German Grenadiers, 180 figures in all.

Next, it was time to sort out the loose figures

The loose figures included 1 group of 30  more German Line in Shako, Advancing,plus another 18 of same, 17 more Germ an Line in Shako Attack-March, 8 more German Line in Shako Marching,  4 Falling wounded and 1 lying wounded, 13 German Line Command in Shako (3 standard bearers, 4 drummers, 4 Officers, and 2 NCO’s, plus 3 mounted colonels sans horses), 7 German Grenadier command (4 standard bearers, 2 drummers, 1 officer) plus a spare Grenadier Marching, and 4 wounded Grenadiers., plus another 12 German Line command, but these in Helmets. That’s 118 more figures, just shy of 300 altogether.
With my usual scheme (18  figures per unit), that’s enough to make
2 units of Grenadiers
7 units of Line Advancing
7 units of Line Attack-March
3 units of Line Marching.
I’d need to add 3 sets of Old Glory Line command (20 each) to have the necessary cadres… assuming I ever paint anywhere near that many of them!

Still, I can paint a LOT of Austrians in a fairly short time; these 90 are nearing completion and will be appearing on the blog soon!  🙂

Blunders On The Danube


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