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Wij Amsterdam6shooters zijn een vriendelijke club van volwassen wargamers die twee keer per maand wargames (en soms boardgames) met miniaturen organiseren in Amsterdam-Oost. Met passie, met lol, met plezier en met stijl. En heel breed: Alexander de Grote, Napoleon, WOII, 40K, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing: het komt allemaal op tafel. Met ons meedoen kan door gratis te registreren en daarna via de agenda op de site een tafel te boeken. Een eigen leger hebben is niet eens nodig: we hebben alles. Dus wat let je? Angst voor miniatuurtjes?

WIP: Blood Bowl Skaven Thrower & Tokens

In 2017, I started painting a Skaven Blood Bowl team – the Scurvy Scurriers. Unfortunately, after only five models, other projects caught my interest and I never completed the team. One of the few unfinished projects of mine. However, Games Workshop released a board game version of Blood Bowl last year, called Blitz Bowl, which only needs six models a team. Which means I am only one model (plus tokens) short! A nice in-between project after finishing my Silver Skulls Kill Team (stay tuned for the showcase post).

Notice the dungeon style base that matches the Blitz Bowl game board – I will change my older models to match. What do you think?Tale of Painters

Showcase: Raven Guard Dark Fury Assault Squad & Primaris Librarian by Rich

Surprise! Did you see that coming? Of course not, because they are Raven Guard, covert warfare specialists… I don’t usually share my Raven Guard on the blog because they are my 'gaming army’ I paint them cleanly but simply. I do however love the Dark Fury assault squad from Forge World which I use as Vanguard Veterans in games. I was pleased with how they came out when I painted them so I thought I would share them with you.
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Stalingrad Day 2 – Finchley Wargaming Club – Steve Phenow’s Briefing

Day 2 of the 2019 World Wide Stalingrad Campaign for Crossfire is upon us. This is, more or less, the Crossfire material that Stephen Phenow sent the Finchley Wargaming Club. I have changed the format and put it into my normal template. And I’ve added a few bits that seemed missing. Where possible I’ve used Steve P’s words.

The Germans have replaced their depleted battalion with a fresh one and given them more combat engineers and more heavy artillery. The Moving Clock (Timeslip) is now under German control. The Soviets had their infantry refresh but lost support elements e.g.

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Steve Balagan

For King and Parliament – Color Summary Sheet

With quite a number of games with “For King and Parliament planned in the next 4 months, I figured it was time to develop my own Summary sheet for these rules. The ones provided are adequate, but I think they could cover a lot more of the play of the game. Here’s what I came up with; I may see if I can squeeze a summary of the Pursuit rules in somehow as well!

For King and Parliament – © 2018 Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall
No Activation penalty
Any move or charge that is straight ahead through clear terrain for any troop type, regardless of quality or status (i.e., including raw, disordered, rabble, or highlanders)
Any move or charge made by dismounted dragoons or Forlorn Hope, regardless of terrain, quality, or status*
Shooting  (except: Field/Siege Artillery attempting to shoot a 2nd or subsequent time in the same turn.
Activation penalty -1
The unit is Out of Command
Any permitted move or charge other than straight ahead by other* units that began the battle with 1 or 2 hits
The move or charge is through terrain or across a linear obstacle that impedes movement.
The unit is disordered and/or raw, and/or is highlanders or rabble, and is not  moving straight ahead through clear terrain. Note that this modifier is not cumulative!
Activation Penalty -2
Any permitted move or charge, other than straight ahead, by units that began the battle with 3 or 4 hits
Field/Siege artillery moving, changing formation or unlimbering; or firing for a 2nd or subsequent time in  same turn
Attempting to Rally from Pursuit.
Activation Bonus +1
All Veteran units (They still always fail on an Ace, however)

Foot may
Move one box directly or diagonally ahead, sideways, or directly backwards, maintaining facing
Charge into an enemy occupied box that is directly or diagonally ahead.
Turn 90 or 180 degrees
If pike-armed, form hedgehog, or form line (facing in any direction) from hedgehog.
Exchange places within a box with another unit from the same Brigade.
Interpenetrate a Forlorn Hope or Artillery unit.
Horse and Mounted Dragoons may
Move (or charge into an enemy unit) one box directly or diagonally ahead.
Move one box directly ahead, and then move into (or charge an enemy occupied) box that is directly or diagonally ahead, so long as this move or charge is not across linear or rough terrain, or into rough terrain.
Move one box diagonally ahead, and then move into (or charge an enemy occupied) box that is directly or diagonally ahead, so long as this move or charge is not across linear or rough terrain, or into rough terrain.
Turn 90 or 180 degrees, then move one box directly ahead; OR Move one box sideways, maintaining facing
Exchange places within a box with another unit from the same Brigade
Interpenetrate a Forlorn Hope or Artillery unit.
Horse may
Move one box directly ahead and fire Pistols, OR fire Pistols, turn 180 degrees, and move one box directly ahead
Artillery may
If Limbered, move one box directly or diagonally ahead, maintaining facing
Unlimber, facing in any direction
Turn 90 or 180 degrees
For King and Parliament – © 2018 Simon Miller and Andrew Vrentnall
Shooting: Hit on 8+ (9+ if shooter is disordered)
Pistol: Range 1 Box, each shot expends 1 ammo. Play 1 Hit card. “Swedish” Horse may prefer to use in melee.
Musket: Short range 1 Box 1 hit card; or 2 hit cards, expend 1 ammo into box directly ahead (not Drag., FH, raw)
Muskets: Long Range 2 Boxes, play 1 Hit card, expend 1 ammo
Artillery (Short/Long):   Light 2/4, Field 3/6,  Siege 4/8. Play 1 Hit card, expend 1 ammo
Defensive Fire: If charged through one of its three frontal boxes, may expend 1 ammo and play 1 hit card
Return Fire: a unit shot at and surviving the fire may return fire if able, expending ammo or not as appropriate
Salvee Charge (Veterans only): expend 1 ammo as part of a charge activation – play 2 hit cards
Save Modifiers that apply when a unit is shot at  (TWO saves versus Long Range Fire)   all +1
Cuirassiers, except when shot at by Artillery
In cover. Units under cover within fortifications may make two saves, except when fired upon by Siege Artillery
Forlorn Hopes, Dragoons, or Artillery

Melee: Hit on 8+ (or 9+ if disordered)
Base Hit Cards: All Foote battalia, most Horse, all Highlanders, Rabble – 2 Hit cards
Base Hit Cards: Forlorn Hopes, Dragoons, Artillery, Scots Horse, Poorly Mounted Horse – 1 Hit Card
Horse expend DASH during a charge or counter charge  1 Bonus hit card (enemy not in rough terrain/linear obst.)
Horse charging foot lacking Pikes, who are not in rough ground or beyond linear rough terrain – 1 Bonus hit card
Scots Lancers expend a Lance marker – 1 Bonus hit card
A unit with Pikes in melee with a unit with fewer or no pikes, and neither unit is in woods – 1 Bonus hit card
Swedish” Horse expend an ammo in melee – 2 Bonus hit cards
Highlanders expend an ammo in Melee – 2 Bonus hit cards
Save Modifiers that apply when a unit is involved in Melee Combat  all +1
Foot or Artillery when charged Uphill, or within buildings or fortifications
Foot or Artillery when charged frontally across linear rough terrain

Save Modifiers that apply when Rallying (to the Save only, not the activation attempt) (No rally in ZOC*)
An Officer has joined the testing unit  (*Officers w/ “The Rock” may rally attached unit in enemy ZOC)

Rout test: When a unit is lost, all friendly units within the same box, or orthogonally adjacent, must test
Units in the same box play 1 save card; all others play 2 save cards. **No test required for loss of single hit units**

Officer Saves         Gallant officers +1 to injury draw,  Cautious Officers -1 to injury draw
Any officer who has joined a unit must test to see if he is injured each time that the unit is hit. The officer will fail to save on an Ace, and in this event must draw a further card to determine the extent of any injury:
10 or 11
The officer is killed (lost).
8 or 9
Officer retires from the field seriously wounded (lost). After the battle, draw a card to determine his fate.
5 to 7
Officer receives a light wound, carries on, but will be killed if he receives another light or serious wound
3 or 4
Officer takes a blow to the head and is stunned; for the remainder of this player turn, and the whole of the next friendly player turn he may not replay cards nor exert command; his units will likely be OOC
0 to 2
A manly scar is inflicted upon the officer; it has no impact on this battle

Blunders On The Danube


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