Short review: Dawnbringers Krethusa’s Cronehost

In this review we cover Krethusa’s Cronehost, which pairs Krethusa the Croneseer with Sisters of Slaughter and Doomfire Warlocks. This new character model of the Daughters of Khaine has dedicated herself to Morai-heg, and gathers Morathi’s outcasts around her. The rules for her new Army of Renown can be found in the new book in the Dawnbringers series “Shadow of the Crone”, but today we’ll be looking primarily at the model of Krethusa herself.

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Tale of Painters

Set up for the Battle of Tewkesbury, May 4, 1471

After defeating the Lancastrians (and killing Warwick) at the battle of Barnet, (April 15, 1471), Edward IV had little time to rest or regroup; a fresh landing on England’s shores was lead by Quenn Margaret and her son, confusingly also named Edward, the Prince of Wales. King Edward pursued the Lancastrian forces, but they managed to deceive him as to their route. Margaret needed to cross the river Severn to escape (and also rally support in Wales)., but was refused entry into the city of Gloucester, and thus proceeded on the Tewkesbury, where there was a bridge. Before the Lancastrians could effect passage, King Edward and the Yorkists caught up with them, setting the stage for the battle the following morning. 

Hawk’s eye view of the Battlefield; near are the Yorkists; in center is Edward IV’s battle, with Gloucester’s battle ready to move up behind him; to the far right is Hastings battle, , and to the far left is the detachment of 200 “scurriers” hidden in the woods. Opposite are the Lancastrians, with Somerset’s flank march hidden by the low ridge, then the figurehead commander, Prince Edward with his small bodyguard, then Wenlocks’ battle, and finally that of Devon.  , 

View from the Yorkist right.

View from the Lancastrian left.

Abother view; with my table being a bit larger than the prescribed 6 by 4 feet, I added the river Severn for effect. The enclosed fields have no effect on play in game terms.

View from the opposite side of the field. 

Rules and scenario are by my friends in the UK, Tim Couper and David Knight. 

Additional background from the Osprey, given to me a year or two ago by our book and history loving friends; turned out to be quite prescient!
I plan a test game to refresh myself on the rules;  I will be running this game at HAVOC in Massachusetts the first weekend in April, and probably at Historicon as well. 

Blunders On The Danube

Helden en wargame tafel in vestingmuseum op 23/9

Beleef de geschiedenis van dichtbij!

Zaterdag 23 september – Stap binnen in een wereld waar geschiedenis tot leven komt bij het Vestingmuseum! Word een held! Sluit je aan bij stadhouder Willem III en strijd voor overwinning of verdedig de eer van de Franse Gouverneur Du Pas.

Onder leiding van de experts van Wargame Club de Amsterdam6shooters, dompel jezelf onder in een avontuurlijke dag vol spel en spanning. Bewonder een spectaculaire speeltafel van 240x180cm, bruisend van actie met meer dan 300 minutieus vervaardigde miniaturen, vergelijkbaar met die van Warhammer.

Alle leeftijden welkom! Vanaf 10 jaar kun je meespelen in deze grandioze veldslag. Alleen komen kijken en genieten van de sfeer? Dat mag natuurlijk ook! uik dieper dan ooit in de geschiedenis en ervaar het verleden op een unieke en interactieve manier, enkel en alleen in het Vestingmuseum.

Mis het niet! Het verleden wacht op jou!