Building a Pele tower part 1

Years ago I built my version of a Pele tower, that iconic fortress type of Border region northern England and Scotland. However, when I visited real ones in the UK it was clear it didn’t look a bit like it. So I knew it had to be done again and better this time. 

The tower so far. 

And what do you know? The coming of The Baron’s War ruleset provided the right incentive. 

Having learned a lot about working with styropor in the past years I chose that material. The first box-like shape looked like this based on pictures and drawings I found on the web. 

The first shape, here still with the thick base I later discarded. 

The outer window shapes, cornerstones and ramparts
I undercut the steps of the stairs si the base edges would fit underneath them, enabling the figures to be positioned on the stairs. 
Engraving the masonry with a pencil

I cut out the floors with a little hotwire jacksaw. The jigsaw pattern will make them fit snugly into each other. 

Adding a top roof

The four main parts
Window and door details

The door hinges on a little but strong magnet

The internal winding stairs. They are not really accessible for the miniatures but too nice a detail to leave out!

And then the painting can begin. First layers and highlights. 

The tower so far. 

I still have a ways to go painting-wise. And of course adding details like door hinges, colored windows and flock. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Set up for the Battle of Bisham Abbey

On the wargames table is the 5th  “For King and Parliament”  scenario from the fictional ECW Scenario book , “Bisham Abbey.”

This battle sees the first of the Scots troops (left foreground).

I started painting my Scots about a year ago, with this and several forthcoming scenarios in mind. 

We were scheduled to play this game this past Thursday, but one by one something came up with the rest of the guys, so it will have to stay decorating my table until we can reschedule for another date. Meanwhile, I have a moor full of Scots units on the painting table, some of which will be needed for the future scenarios in the Marlowe to Maidenhythe scenario book.

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Review: Horus Ascended

Here on Tale of Painters, we celebrate the ascension of Horus with a review of the new Primarch model from Forge World. Horus Ascended marks the beginning of a new generation of sculpts that will capture the Primarchs in the later eras of heresy. In this unboxing, we find out whether Horus has been given a successful new update.

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