2nd lockdown locks our club down

In het Nederlands: het feest is even over, mannen! Wijkcentra dicht dus Pontania gesloten. We hopen dat de heropening eerder komt dan de herverkiezing van Donald Trump :-).

In English for our expat members:

Clubs that played in pubs or restaurants closed three weeks ago. We Amsterdam wargamers had been lucky so far, because community centers stayed open. But the extra restrictions last week have forced Pontania to close the doors for at least 2 weeks. As you may have guessed already.

We hope that our prime minister will allow community centers to reopen asap. Unfortunately, he’s not a wargamer.

So no club events for the time being and for the next two (?) weeks. We hope for the best.

Skandal am Sperrbezirk

Sharp Practice Narrative Campaign Day 2019

Revenge! revenge! a gory shroud
To tyrants, and the slaves that yield’
Eternal honor calls aloud
For courage in the battle-field.
Who loves or fears a conquered land
That bows beneath the despot’s hand?


Germany 1809 campaign

In 1809, the Austrians took advantage of the French pre-occupation with Spain to plan their revenge. They were in contact with the British and with German rebel leaders, members of the Tugendbund (League of Virtue).

British advancing on the Wies'n

Together, they came up with a coordinated plan of fomenting rebellion in the German states, while the British would invade the Dutch/German coast and the Austrians attack Bavaria (*). Napoleon did not return in time to take charge of the French, but below commanders were there in 2019, at the Skandal im Sperrbezirk Sharp Practice Campaign Day.

Town/notable terrain Game 1 Empire Game 1 Coalition Game 2 Empire Game 2 Coalition
Donaustadt  Bridge Dick & Taco French/French (Italian) Mark & Alex (Austrians)    
Wies’n Hotel L’Amour Phil & Rogier (French) David & Steven (Brunswick/’Austrians’) Bram & Dick French Maarten & Mark Schill/Austrian
Mistdorf Heath Jos & Jurjen French (Polish)/Westphalians Joe & Maarten Schill Freikorps Leigh & Jurjen French/Westphalian Fred & Alex Austrian
Käseburg Customs House Leigh & Marc French/Danish Robert & Arjan British Phil & Rory French/Holland Steven & Robert British
Roompot Windmill Rory Kingdom of Holland Jenny British (KGL) Rogier & Taco French Joe & Arjan Schill/British
Handwerp Church     Marc & Jos Danish/French (Polish) Jenny & David British (KGL)/Brunswick

Games played. Bold: Major Win, Italic: Minor Loss

Marc (Danish) winner of the campaign

Marc’s Force Commander Johann von Ewald used to be a commander of Hessians in the American War of Independence. By 1809 he was of pensioner age and acted like a Coward accordingly. At Käseburg he let Leigh’s provisional Cuirassier unit win the day with a flank charge on the British Line, while holding off his own opponent. At Handwerp he tried to defend the church with his Jaegers, while Jos’ Poles stood in the open, volleying away with his Polish Uhlans harassing the rear of the coalition forces.

Marc hiding behind the church.
  • Historically, there were plans for coordinated attacks on the French, but they all failed. The German rebels were defeated piecemeal, and by the time the British invaded Walcheren, the Austrians had already suffered a crushing defeat at Wagram.