Casting Call for Castiglione

I finally got around to setting up the Castiglione scenario on the tabletop; overviews from the Northeast,

from the South
and from the East behind the Austrian lines. 
The Deployment map for orientation purposes!

Massena’s large command is in the forefront.

French army from their left. 
View from behind the French lines.
Left to right, Kilmaine’s command,  Augereau’s small Division, and then Massena’s large command.
The Austrian left is anchored by Monte Medolano, which has been fortified, with 2 heavy batteries stationed upon it. The cavalry and a cavalry battery guard against outflanking maneuvers. 

View of Sebetendorf’s command from the Northwest.

The bulk of Davidovich’s large command in the center. 

Some Jagers and Grenzer defend Solferiono and the Austrian right on the heights.
Despinois’ troops waiting to enter via the Castiglione road. 
Fiortella’s force, which will eventually appear from Guidizzolo.

Blunders On The Danube

I.R. #11, Erzherzog Rainer

Infanterie Regiment #11 was recruited in Bohemia.

It had rose pink facings with pewter buttons (changed to dark blue facings with brass buttons in 1810). 

The Inhaber was Michael-Johann, Graf Wallis von Karighmain from 1792-1799, “vacant” 1799 to 1801, and Rainer-Josef-Johann, Erzherzog von Osterreich, from 1801 -1853. 

Erzherzog Rainier was a younger brother of Kaiser Franz-Josef; the Hapsburgs were nothing if not prolific!

In 1809, the Regiment formed part of Bellegarde’s I Corps.

It fought at Aspern, Wagram, and Znaim. 

Blunders On The Danube

Hittite Archers #1


Like the Peleset, with the additions from Bill McHugh’s collection, I felt the Hittites could use a few more archers.

These are Newline Designs figures, courtesy of their January sale (which about makes up for the outrageous postage costs from the UK!).

I chose this “Green Tea” and red scheme to complement some of Bill’s Spearmen and Axemen. 

Once again, I went with my own standard “Near East” basing for these new troops. 

“Hey, don’t blow that darned thang in my ear!” 

Blunders On The Danube

Peleset Archers #1

With he addition of the Hittite and Sea peoples troops from Bill McHugh’s collection came the inevitable desire to expand them to full armies on a footing similar to my existing Egyptians and Assyrians.

Both armies were especially light on missile troops, so when I discovered that the Foundry range included Peleset (Philistine) archers, I took advantage of their annual Holiday sale to acquire some. 

The Command figures are from Newline designs – thank their January sale for them!

They were based in my usual style for near Eastern ancient armies. 

Quite a colorful lot; hopefully they can shoot, too!

Blunders On The Danube

WGD 1971: “The Doublecross”

This is the last of what I felt were the still interesting articles from the one issue revival of Jack’s Wargames Digest. Interestingly, there is current thread on The Miniatures Page about when the respondents first played in a wargames campaign. In my case that was 1970, with quite a few more after that. Not surprisingly, Jack and the Old Guard had me beat by over a decade!

    All this reminds me that I have to prod my own country in the current slow motion, Covid inhibited campaign, Orbajosa, at least a little bit out of its torpor!

Blunders On The Danube