Helden en wargame tafel in vestingmuseum op 23/9

Beleef de geschiedenis van dichtbij!

Zaterdag 23 september – Stap binnen in een wereld waar geschiedenis tot leven komt bij het Vestingmuseum! Word een held! Sluit je aan bij stadhouder Willem III en strijd voor overwinning of verdedig de eer van de Franse Gouverneur Du Pas.

Onder leiding van de expertise van Wargame Club de Amsterdam6shooters, dompel jezelf onder in een avontuurlijke dag vol spel en spanning. Bewonder een spectaculaire speeltafel van 240x180cm, bruisend van actie met meer dan 300 minutieus vervaardigde miniaturen, vergelijkbaar met die van Warhammer.

Alle leeftijden welkom! Vanaf 10 jaar kun je meespelen in deze grandioze veldslag. Alleen komen kijken en genieten van de sfeer? Dat mag natuurlijk ook! uik dieper dan ooit in de geschiedenis en ervaar het verleden op een unieke en interactieve manier, enkel en alleen in het Vestingmuseum.

Mis het niet! Het verleden wacht op jou!

Bavarian I.R. #4 Salern

The 3rd of 4 new Bavarian infantry regiments to muster out, this is I.R. #4, “Salern”

This regiment has yellow facings piped in red, white metal buttons.

The sapper (“Zimmerman”) has a red feathery plume and epaulettes, but the elite companies have no epaulettes.

The NCO (pointing) has his cane. 

The sappers also carried marker flags in a Bavarian pattern, Lozengy azure and argent. 

Blunders On The Danube

Bavarian I.R. #14

This particular regiment was unnamed (no inhaber), and at times was the 13th regiment when one of the lower numbered regiments was disbanded. 

The black facings piped in red (red collars and turnbacks) make for a dramatic show, almost making one think of artillerymen!

The drummer’s lace is in the button color (yellow/brass). 

I used Delta Ceramcoat “Blue Lagoon” for the jackets. 

The flag is once again from the Piano Wargames site. 
Speaking of that, the next Kickstarter for Lucas amazing miniatures opens Monday September 19th; The Danube Campaign, part 1.  

Blunders On The Danube

Bavarian I.R. #6 Herzog Wilhelm

The first of four new regiments of Bavarian Infantry musters off the painting table, in time for next months Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day, based upon the events of April 1809, in Bavaria. 

This regiment has red facings with white piping and white metal buttons. The lace on the jacket of the drummer is in the button color (so white here). 

The green plumes are for the Schutzen, while then red plumes are for the Grenadiers. Neither wore epaulettes. 
These figures are all part of the ones I got in the “Alps Aflame” Kickstarter by Piano Wargames and Lucas Luber in Germany. 

In addition to their bread sacks and canteens, some of the men have cooking pans and cups strapped to their packs. 

Blunders On The Danube

Card Plays and Dog Days


I’ve always loved playing card decks, and the need for a number of them for my To the Strongest and For King and Parliament games has served to fuel the fire in recent years. \
Back design, and back of the tuck box. The front of the box has a clever sword like flap!

This interesting set from Jackson Robinson (Kings Wild Project) became available recently, and I had to have it to go with my Medieval armies!

Oakeshott is a classification system of sword types, swords are certainly the theme of this deck!

Some armor types are seen, too!
A couiple of years before the Pandemic, we bred my daughter’s dog, Annie; she had six puppies; we kept the two girls, Brooke and Maddie, and sold the 4 boys. One of them, Lenny (right of picture), went to Mark and his wife. That’s the back side of Mark here. 

Mark is a Pediatric intensivist at Yale New Haven Hospital, and very close to my own age, so we had a lot in common. We had them (and Lenny) over to our house the summer before the pandemic, and they had invited us to visit them in return.
The pandemic made that impossible for a few years, and last year we were3 supposed to visit them in September, but my daughter got COVID (amazingly, neither the Empress nor myself did), so that was the end of that. A few weeks ago we finally made the return visit.

“Look what I found!”

A second pair of decks, these themed on The Three Musketeers, by Aleandree Dumas. 
Card backs and back of the tuck box. 

The entire deck.

The court cards feature the dranatis personae of the novel. A bit pre 1666, but not much!
Mark and his wife have a home in Brandford, CT, less than 50 yards from a rocky beach on Long Island Sound. Annie (purple collar) and her son and 2 daughters. 

Family Photo!

That face and enthusiasm can only be Brooke, aka crazy girl, aka “The Bulldozer”. 

Lenny plays tug of war on the pebble beach.

Brooke brings back TWO balls!

Brooke isn’t afraid to swim pretty far out into the Sound to get her ball. For those not “from around here, the Sound is a considerable body of water, 21 miles wide at its widest. 
I needed one more deck for Free shipping, so I picked up the Robin Hood themed one. 

The deck.

the Jokers form the famous quarterstaff duel between Robin and Little John. 

Charters from the Tales of Robin Hood.

Motif on the deck back. 
The water was quite warm that day, about 75 degrees F, so some of the humans went for a swim as well. I grew up on the Sound, and hardly ever recall the water temperature exceeding 70 degrees. All ion all a delightful visit, with gracious hosts who plied us with outstanding food and drink. Also a bucket list item for us; the dogs have swum in lakes and rivers, but never salt water. 

Blunders On The Danube