Done! How I Spoiled Our Raven Guard Club Army In Just 3 Nights!

Because we originally had no 40K-players or only 40K-players with their own 40-armies, we originally had no 40K club army. That all changed. So we changed our mind. Last autumn we found a second hand, mostly unpainted lot, and because I’m Speedpaintzch The Unclean, I speedpainted the lot. See below.

No nonsense fast painting. I hope you like the finished result, but sensitive painters might feel hurt. In the tutorial I show you the power of minimalism: tabletop quality miniatures in minimal time. Soon available at the club!

Raven Guard Club Army – First Shots

As our veterans know, we recently bought a cheap second hand Raven Guard club army to serve the needs of the poor and protect the rights of the minority who don’t own a painted hyper-super-competitive-mega-waagh-40K army. You know: the standard casual 40K-player with a job, a life, a love, kids, parents and sometimes an evening to paint, but never enough. Not everybody dedicates his life to The Emperor.

Today I unboxed all the models to splash paint on it. To my joy, a few were already painted.

I will finish the rest in the same vein. Black and red. Very stylish. Extremely Amsterdam6shooters.

Amsterdam6Shooters Now On YouTube With Wargame Video

The famous Little War TV wargame channel started a couple of years ago and is managed by a group of creative American historical miniature wargamers who make very professional battle reports and vlogs. I studied how they do it and with Maarten, Eltjo, Carlos and Ruben I made our first ‘official’ video battle report. See below.

Earlier this year, I made a few simple clips as tryout, first only family and holiday, later a few club clips. Making videos is fun, it’s a newly discovered hobby, that’s my main reason: it can be just as satisfying as speed- or slowpainting an army. I was not planning a wargame vlog. Not really.

But LWTV presented an official ‘challenge‘ this autumn to to stimulate vlogging. They published a detailed manual, as well. Hmmm – I thought. Useful. Let’s get ambitious.

The results are satisfying. What I’m most satisfied about, I thought, when editing the vlog, is that it reflects what a nice club we are. Eltjo, for example, brought wonderful scenery (“I loved the little trees”, as Bob Ross would say). Alois, Eltjo and Maarten helped me with playtesting the scenario.

D-Day itself was enjoying, Ruben brought a few extra houses and although the recordings ran a little longer than expected, Carlos stayed until the end. The atmosphere was fantastic, as you see in the video. I wish to thank everybody who helped making it.

I’d like to do more club or personal wargame vlogs, now. The 1672 Woerden battle is my next video project, planned next months. Feel free to join, and feel free to share ideas about future video battle reports. With the right planning we can, just like LWTV, produce wargame clips now and then and have fun together, planning, plotting, preparing and wargaming.

Next month a jury of wargamers from Little Wars TV and a celebrity cast from the wargame business (Richard Clarke from 2FatLardies, a studio painter from The Army Painter, the president of the Historical Miniatures Wargames Society, and several acclaimed YouTubers) will vote which vlog will get the Best Quickstrike AAR Caesar Award 2021. I hope they will like this video from our smalltown club in our tiny little country.

Anyway, no matter the result, remember, we’re the best Amsterdam wargame club in the world! Merry Christmas, happy New Year, hope to see you all in 2022!

Dropzone Commander Battle Report – as 4 minute video clip

Honestly, four hour online video’s or static stories are boring. Inspired by Little Wars TV and by my 13 year old daughter, who showed me how easy video editing is, I made a clip about my recent Dropzone Commander encounter vs Aloys, a new member. We had a full afternoon fun, here condensed in less than 4 minutes.

I can recommend the SF game Dropzone, it’s objective grabbing, not the standard list building game or kill until the last man standing. Necromunda. Epic, WW3, with very stylish units. Fun and fast to learn. Opponents, anyone?