Amsterdam6shooters International Sharp Practice Event 2022: We Had a Great Weekend!

Our club icon mr Eltjo Verweij organized for the second time now a Sharp Practice event, in our wargame palace in Amsterdam. Two full days. Fun multiplayer games, not a tournament in a strict sense, loose on rules, the outcome of a game influenced your rating. Some highlights:

  • we had visitors from Belgium and even 6 players from the land behind the horizon, far away, even outside the European Union… The UK!
  • we had visitors from outside Amsterdam! (as Amsterdammers, we consider everything east of IJburg Asia, desert, or (Ant)Artica. We also had our Hungarian expat In Da House.
  • Mr 2FatLardies Richard Clarke joined the event and played both days. He didn’t win. He even scored quite low :-). [please keep this silent]
  • We had a wonderful Surinamese dinner, also very international.
  • A Dutchman with an Italian army won the ’tournament’. Dutch cheese with spaghetti, always a winning combination.
  • We celebrated our 8th birthday. We love the smell of red velvet cake in the morning.
  • Great to see so many painted Napoleonic figures on so many tables.
  • You missed the show? No problem. This will not be our last event. We want more!

Eight Years, Six Shooters

We started as a club in 2014, 1 March 2014, exactly. So this month we celebrate our eight years of being a brotherhood of wargamers, a band of brothers, a Church in the name of Bad Puns. We praise the name of our lord (Wellington) and his Son who died for our Sins (Napoleon) but who will return after 40k years.

Here’s Amsterdam6shooters, the movie:

More Romans will visit the club

At our very, very first club meeting in March 2014 I organized a big 15mm Romans vs Barbarians battle. Here’s Brabo visitor Koen on a shady picture. How young he looked, compared with those ancient Romans!

As always, I wanted a bigger army so I bought more. Other projects prevailed but last month I finally cleaned a Roman shelf and painted my legionaries. I also played a Roman battle, more to come. Here’s the thin red line.


No Roman army is complete without a testudo. I found a 15mm testudo from Warrior Miniatures (link). Online examples of painted models looked fine.

And re-enactor pictures are inspiring.

Here’s my own painted testudo

Eight units equites cavalry will finish the job.

The grand strategy is to playtest several wargame rules (Age of Hannibal, AdlG, M&G, Hail Caesar, good old big battle DBA), compare and select ’the best’, and get really proficient in it so that I can easily referee and run big battle multiplayer games. Below a recent Age of Hannibal game against Maarten.

Wanna join? I need opponents, big bloody barbarians or rough red Romans. Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant.

Done! How I Spoiled Our Raven Guard Club Army In Just 3 Nights!

Because we originally had no 40K-players or only 40K-players with their own 40-armies, we originally had no 40K club army. That all changed. So we changed our mind. Last autumn we found a second hand, mostly unpainted lot, and because I’m Speedpaintzch The Unclean, I speedpainted the lot. See below.

No nonsense fast painting. I hope you like the finished result, but sensitive painters might feel hurt. In the tutorial I show you the power of minimalism: tabletop quality miniatures in minimal time. Soon available at the club!