Hey 40K-ers, This Is Dropzone!

Challenge from your war correspondent. Are you ready to rumble?

Many 40K club members know me as that bald man who is always busy with his 6mm Napoleonics, too small to see for the human eye.

In fact I’m not. Yes, I admit, 6mm is a great wonderful scale and Napoleon the greatest person ever alive, even bigger than Johan Cruijff, Jesus Christ or myself – but I do have larger scales (28mm Renaissance, for example, and WW2 that I donated to the club for the common good) and I do play other eras (fantasy Conan and Frostgrave, post apoc Zombicide).

I missed the 40K-boat in the nineties, when I quit wargaming and switched to roleplay and computer wargaming. And chasing women and jobs. I alwas was in-between jobs and had a girl, or vice versa.

But that doesn’t mean that I dislike SF or hate Warhammer. I just don’t have sweet teenage memories about Space Marines or an old T’Au army that yearns to be tabled. I have teenage memories about Airfix Hussars, and a box with 1/72 Tiger and Sherman tanks somewhere.

SF wargaming is beautiful, the 40K tables that I see during club days are impressive. A couple of years ago I added SF to my wish list and I bought 10mm Dropzone miniatures, that were low on my painting priority list. I had to finish my mountains of 6mm Prussians first, you see!

In the past lockdown months however I found time to complete this project. Dropzone is a mix between 40K Epic and Necromunda (gangs fighting for objectives). I have 4 armies now and can stage quite large cityfights, with UCM (humanoid ‘Star Wars rebels’), Scourge (‘Dark Eldar’), PHR (Cyborg) and Shaltari (bugs, ‘Tyranid’). See pics below.

Post-lockdown I need opponents. I hope that SF-games like Epic-copy Dropzone, and Warmaster-inspired Future War Commander can bridge the gap between the casual non-tournament 40K-players and the casual non-40K-players who play everything except Games Workshops rules.

So I challenge my fellow club members, in particular my non-regular opponents who like 40K, to play a DropZone of FWC-wargame against me. Pictures, to make you horny: below.

Remember, btw, that I’d like to play an Adeptus Titanicus game or Kill Team. Don’t hesitate to counterchallenge me!

Bolt Action Arnhem Memorial Game

Our British friend Chris Brown yearly visits Holland to organize and umpire a Grand Table Bolt Action multiplayer game in the NH Rijn Hotel in Arnhem. We joined a game in 2016. About his annual game in 2021 he wrote us:

We are running another wargame event over the commemorative weekend at Arnhem – 17/18/19th September.  We have set up a Facebook page (link) where you can find more information and/or PM me if you have any questions.

These events are not like tournaments or conventions/shows. We prefer smaller, informal atmosphere so we limit the number of players to 50 at the very most.   Naturally the general theme is Operation Market Garden. The venue is the NH Rijn Hotel which incorporates the old Rhine Pavilion, which was a battle location in its own right in 1944; it is the Art Deco building you can just see behind the Stug, so it is right in the middle of a major axis of the battle. We can arrange rooms at the hotel at a very fair price — where else can you have your breakfast in a former battle site? The general idea is that we will have games in the evening so you can explore the battle areas by day, but if you want to spend the whole time playing that’s OK too – the gaming room will be available from about 1030 each day.
Naturally the theme is Operation Market Garden and there will be a lot of Bolt Action going on. Don’t worry if you do not have a suitable army; we will lend you one.  There will be tables for ‘standard-sized’ BA games, but also a number of large multi-player games too. We also hope to have some Rapid Fire and Battlegroup and also a demonstration of our own company-level fast-play game ‘Fire for Effect’.  The player fee is UKP 70.00, preferably by Paypal, but we can make other arrangements if necessary.  

More on his Facebook page. We heartily recommend this event!

Happy Birthday 6shooters!

Seven years ago, on the first of March, 2014, our small club in big Amsterdam organized it’s first meeting in community center Pontania. Seven years later we’re still a club and still a community.

How ugly that a certain Roman warrior has spoiled our birthday party:

© Les Editions Albert René-BRUZZ | ‘Coronavirus’ is een personage in het Asterix-album ‘De race door de laars’ uit 2017

Anyway, however, nonetheless, nothwithstanding, after all and in spite of…

We’re SEVEN years old!

Before, Maarten & I had wargamed at a friend’s home in Dronten and at my home, but we missed a wargames club in Amsterdam, at biking distance. I hate to chase my wife & kids away because a group of grumpy old men wants to play with their toy soldiers 🙂 so I contacted Pontania. On February 15, 2014, after an introductory visit to the community center, we posted in the (now defunct) GWHobby forum:

I found a few pictures of our very first club meeting.

I recognize Simone, Rob and Mark, still club members, Maarten of course, a few occasional gamers (the smiling Polish girl never returned, sadly, I would have married her) and fellow wargamer Koen van den Eventuin from fellow club Hired Guns in Uden. Great guy, still! Even with the beard.

After the meeting we posted:

The GW shop gamers in the meantime organized themselves in the Amsterdam Battle Brothers club, but two years ago they merged with the Amsterdam6shooters. We have about 40 regular members now, and many occasional visitors, and excellent terrain.

When the club reopens (in April, hopefully), we will bring cake!

2021 will be better than 2020. This can’t last forever! Life seems less fun, without friends and family, beer in the sun, strolls in the park, hugs, good laughs, and, yes, a (war)game now and then. All work and no joy. I hope society will reopen in April (and never close again).

Personally, I paint a lot, instead of gaming – see the earlier Dropzone Commander report – and I play portable 2mm Napoleonic games against friends.

Eltjo and I also recently tried a 6mm Lasalle2 Napoleonic wargame. Lasalle 2 is the updated 2021 edition. Battle report below.

We hope to see you all soon in good health!

Lockdown With A Vengeance

(Busy with a future Dropzone multiplayer game project)

Alle clubbijeenkomsten liggen stil. Ik weet niet hoe jullie al die stille avonden na 21 uur doorkomen, maar ik vind het maar lastig – ik ben te oud voor seks, maar te jong voor jonge jenever. Dus ik doe twee dingen.

  1. 2mm Napoleon. Ik heb nu een paar leuke spelletjes 2mm Blücher gedaan. Het lijkt pietepeuterig, millimeteren, miereneuken (dus toch seks) maar Maarten en ik hebben onlangs in het oog van de sneeuwstorm de Italiaanse slag bij Rivoli gedaan. Alles paste in een linnen tasje. Iemand zin in een keukentafelwaterloo? PM me even.
  2. Dropzone Commander, extended edition. Ook al richt ik me vooral op 325 v Chr. tot 1945 na Christus, ik ben niet ongevoelig voor het chroom van SF wargaming. Kerst 2019 organiseerde ik een Dropzone Commander Xmas multiplayer battle, met vier spelers en vier kleine legers. Voor wie het niet kent: Dropzone is een soort 10mm Epic of Battletech. Robots, tanks, zoevende ruimteschepen, drones. Combined arms, hard SF – geen orks, het is meer Halo, Robocop of Terminator. Sinds de herfst ben ik bezig met het schilderen van de andere helft van de vier facties, zodat ik SF-multiplayer-slagen met dubbel zoveel eenheden of dubbel zoveel spelers kan spelen. Onderstaand de deze week geschilderde aanvullingen voor leger nr 3, de Post Human Republic, de robot- en cyberwarrior-factie van het spel:

De vorige Dropzoneslag zag er zó uit:

Ik mis mijn clubspelletjes. Ik ben het zat om binnen te zitten. Natuurlijk, in vergelijking met haperende vaccinprogramma’s, avondklokrechtszaken, gesloten scholen en 92 miljard coronastaatsschuld zijn de problemen van een 10mm-wargamer maar miniscuul, maar toch hoop ik dat ons kabinet bij de eerstvolgende versoepelingsronde voorrang zal geven aan wargameclubs, 🙂

En als we open mogen, zomer 2023, willen jullie dan meedoen aan een nooitmeereindigende feestslag tegen monsterrobots? Jonge jenever voor de winnaar.

A Different Wargame Battle Report

The club is lockdowned and we’ll have to wait until the government reopens society again. Probably not in January.

In the meantime I’m experimenting with a new type of wargame battle report, graphic novel style. Read the full blog here, personal blog.

Just for fun and the zest for life I publish this report of a 2020 battle we had in the club also on our clubsite. I hope you like it! When life locks you up, break away!