Wurttemberg Fussjager Battalion #2

For Saint Patrick’s Day, these guys are about as Green as it gets!  🙂

The Fussjager had their origins as the Fussjager Kompanie, raised in October of 1799. By January of 1801 it had grown to three companies, now titled the Fussjager Corps, and by May of 1801, with the addition of a 4th company, the units was the Fussjager Battaillon. A second Battalion was raised in late 1805.

Originally known by the names of their commanders, by 1807they were now know simply as Fussjager Bataillon Nr 1 and Nr 2. Also in 1807, King Frederick became the Inhaber of the 1st battalion. By 1809, the 1st battalion was now referred to as the Konig Fussjager Bataillon. In 1814, the 2 battalions were united as Infanterie Regiment #9 “Konig Jager”, and later in the year,  Fussjager Regiment #9 “Konig”. Phew!
The Fussjager wore the shako pretty much as shown from 1902 until 1811; thereafter, along with most the rest of the Wurttemberg infantry, a “double billed shako” resembling the Austrian shako of the time was adopted. Officers had metallic bands to the top of the shako in the lace color. 
The NCO’s (Feldwebel, unterfeldwebel) had a border to the dark green turban on the shako edged in the button color (brass/yellow for the 1st Battalion, Pewter/white for the second). Although not p[art opf the Royal Guard, when the King bnecame the Inhaber of the 1st battalion, yellow “guard litzen‘ (lace) was added to the collars, cuffs, and lapels of the first battalion. From 1811, the lapels became dark green piped white instead of the earlier black piped white. With that change, the litzen disappeared from the lapels of the 1st battalion. 
The hornists had black “swallow’s bests” at the shoulders, with piping and a “W” pattern in lace of the button color. Plumes for the musicians were initially red/darkgreen/red, but circa 1808 became the opposite, dark green/red/dark green, as seen here. Later, red tipped dark green and dark green tipped red were evidently used.  Cords on the horns could be either red, or mixed red, yellow, and black. 


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