Hessians Arrive!

 A few days ago, a rather hefty parcel arrived from Germany, bearing the fruits of the Price of Crowns 3 Kickstarter. It wasn’t half as weighty as the big box from the earlier Price of Crowns 2 (Wurttembeurg) Kickstarter , though!  🙂


Hessen-Darmstatdt Chevau-Legers w/ command. These guys were the biggest reason for backing this project. Coming to an 1809 battlefield soon! Lovely figures, really! 

Hessen-Darmstatdt infantry officer, Prince Emil of Hessen-Darmstatdt, Georg of Hessen Darmstatdt (L to R)

The Emperor himself; a free Kickstarter incentive for this project. The sculpting on the face is amazing! 

Hessen-Darmstatdt battery. The gun components are just press fit in this shot. 

Another view. The uniform is fairly distinctive with black facings piped red, and white button hole lace on the lapels and cuff flaps.

Icabod Crane on the march! The heads are supplied separately for these Hessian troops; the press fit example quickly demonstrated that this would allow a of head position variants when assembled!

Another view of the Line infantry figures. All digitally sculpted by Lucas Luber, Piano Games

The infantry all laid out. I will paint them as one unit (“brigade”) for each of the three in the Hessian army, with 2 stands (6 figures) from each in the green coats of the fusilier (light infantry) battalions. One such stand will carry a flag, accounting for the 4th flag  This will also allow them to be fielded as 4 stand units, 3 line and 1 fusilier, with a couple of stands left over. Historically, the yellow faced  Gross und Erbprinz regiment, yellow faced, was sent to Spain and adopted the 6 company French organization, including shakos and Epaulettes for the elite companies. The Kickstarter included troops in the “Spanish” uniforms, too, but I passed on those. 
I also ordered one additional set of Wurttemburg Line infantry along with this KS, which arrived with the figures above, plus a second pack, I think meant to replace some of the broken bayonets from the earlier order. The Hessians have slightly more robust muskets, and that plus improved packing for their trans-Atlantic journey meant NO broken bayonets at all on any of these, and much less bending of the muskets as well. Good work!
The next project for Lucas is the Tyrolean revolt of 1809. He has been busy sculpting Tyrolians, Bavarians, Austrians, and who knows what else! I suspect it may be a while until the next Kickstarter launches, but it would be good for my budget if it is not until after the first of the year!

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