Historicon 2022: Pavia 1525 with To the Strongest!


Overview of the Imperialist forces, as seen from their left. The Mirabello hunting lodge is in the midground, along with the  Vernavola stream. This and nd a number of additional photos courtesy of Milton Soong. 

On the Imperialist far left were Italian pikemen and arquebusiers, supported by some Genitors/Jinetes (Javelin armed Spanish light cavalry)…

and a unit of Landsknechts.

The Imperialist right: Spanish Knights, Imperial Gendarmes, Italian Elmeti, two Spanish Colunellas, supported by a battery and Spanish Arquebusiers (arguably the best in the world at the time). 

Some (!) of the French Gendarmes and supporting cavalry prepare to advance. They have a big advantage in Cavalry on this side of the battlefield, but putting it to good advantage may be challenging. 

Initial chage of the French Gendarmes! The markers indicate the “Lance” bonus has been used. 

The “french” troops advance boldly on their right as well.

Charge and Countercharge!

Overview from the Imperialist mid left.

Spanish Genitors attempt to clear the woods of pesky Swiss skirmishers.

Cavalry melee swings back and forth on the Imperialist right/

Recreating history, King Francis II is hit and captured!
“All is lost, save Honor!”
Swiss and Landsknecht pike blocks face off. The Swiss should have the advantage…

Overview from the Imperialist far left (including the walls of the Park defining the battlefield). 

Push of Pike!  

Jeff Wasileski had the fearsome Swiss Pikes. Well, they were fearsome on paper, but underperformed here, much as they did in history. Of course, being outnumbered didn’t help much! 

Gotta love the Great Italian Wars for color!

Late game on the Imperial Left.

French Crossbowmen seize the Mirabello Lodge…. but seem unable to make anything of their success otherwise!

Late Game on the Imperial right; the Imperial cavalry has taken heavy losses, and ,more French Militia crossbowmen have seized the woods, but the Tercio is Tough and strikes some Landsknechts in the flank. Ugh – oh!

Now just who is on the flank of whom?!

Late game overview from the Imperialist right.
“Oh we’re artillerymen and we’re OK; we bang, bang, boom, and then run away!”
The game mirrored History once again, with a French defeat, and King Francis being held in captivity. All the players were great, and the game played smoothly with the proposed Renaissance modifications for To the Strongest!

Blunders On The Danube