More Kharadron Overlords


As the title suggests, here’s some more Kharadron Overlords! This is all the ‘infantry’ from the second wave of minis I was sent, with the boats built and sprayed to be painted next. Then there’s a third wave to deal with…
Anyway, first here’s a bunch of Thunderers:

With the ones in the first batch this makes three units of all the special weapons, plus an additional five normal rifle Dwarves for flexibility. I ignored the instructions a bit here to give some of the weapons to the ‘wrong’ bodies for a bit of variety, and the unit champions have the adorable drill birds in different places.
Next, two flavours of floaty balloon Dwarves, firstly, more Skywardens:

And Endrinriggers (which were much more fun to build due to lacking those mines!)

Notice for the Endrinriggers I inverted the colours of their purple and cream rudders. I’m not sure if it makes them stand out at all but it felt like a good choice to distinguish them slightly in the paint job.

Then we’ve got some floaty Dwarf characters:

Here’s a pair of Endrinmasters, with these guys I tried to make them a bit different from each other, so we’ve got different poses and inverted schemes for the fins and propeller. 

And finally, the Brewmaster-General himself:

Cheers! It’s Jakkob Bugmansson XI, and a nice frothy pint of Bugman’s XXXXXX! Pleased with this one in particular, I think the colour combination works great, especially with those glowing blue eyes in the ‘dramatic’ filter! I also took the excuse to go a bit wild with the base, which was fun! Purple and yellow flowers really work with the scheme I think.
So that’s pretty much it for now. Happy with the results, but there’s still plenty more to do! If I’m honest I was hoping to be further along by now but stuff happened (you may have noticed my content has been a bit inconsistent over the past couple of months, if you’re weirdly invested in this blog.) Still, we’re getting there. Thanks for reading, stay safe!

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