Bill’s Medieval Men at Arms

Before we get to the figures, last month I made a pair of new table coverings; just need to add the dots to make the grid one 6″ boxes (150 cm) and the other 8″ boxes (200 cm).
A unit of Men at Arms drawn from Bill’s figures.

 These don’ seem to have “Hinchliffe Noses”!

Good work with Shield transfers (not mine!).

Very limited touch up and basing were all these needed. 

A few polearms had to be replaced; fortunately there were several in the “Bits Box”. 
As best I can tell this next unit is mostly composed of Custom Cast figures – Duke’s first miniature figure company. 

The night of the round Table (note Pi on his shield!) is one of several given to me by Joe 15 or 20 years ago, and added to fill out the ranks. 

Teacher: “Pi R squared…”
Littler Johnny: No, no teacher, Cake are square, Pie are round!” 

The Knight with the Maltese cross is another add on from Joe. From the style and detail, I am pretty sure this figure (and probably the other, too) was painted by an old freind from our UConn days, Steve Gallagher.

This group required substantial touch up and weapon repairs. 

Blunders On The Danube

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