Interceptor: a Spectre Operations scenario (Under construction)


This scenario is based on the adorably well-meant 2022 action movie starring Elsa Pataky. The plot is thoroughly straightforward: Evil Villains capture a bunch of Russian ICBMs to level the US with and also capture the two missile interceptor bases the US has to intercept those. (Yes, only two….)  

While the first Interceptor base falls easily to the terrorists, at the second one the terrorists’ evil plans are thwarted by sole survivor captain JJ Collins. She Kicks Ass. And stabs someone to death with an empty pistol. Watch that movie.

The scenario:

Captain JJ Collins and Corporal Rahul Shah occupy the base’ Command center. This is locked from the inside. All other base crew have been killed by the terrorists. JJ (Professional) and Shah (Trained) both have a sidearm. Evil Mastermind Alexander Kessel (sidearm, Trained) and six terrorists (SMGs, Trained) are outside trying to get in.

Miscellaneous equipment:

  • JJ and Shah have a laptop with which to control the missiles from anywhere in the base.
  • JJ has a roll of Ductape.
  • Kessel and his men have a blowtorch to break down the Command Center Door. A blowtorch attack does X damage. The door has Y strength points. One Attack per turn.
  • Kessel and his men have three canisters of acid to destroy the Command Center consoles with. This is an Attack action at throwing range that succeeds automatically. At least two are needed.
  • Kessel has a satellite phone he can use to order ICBM launches with.

Miscellaneous options:

JJ has 10 option cards she can play closed at the start of her turn. She can play each card only once but can play as many cards as she likes per turn. 

Once the effect of a card becomes clear, the JJ player must turn it over to allow the Kessel player to check. When a card is played the JJ and Shah figures are not moved until the card’s effect becomes apparent.  

  • 5 cards are random and don’t do anything.
  • Ace of hearts/Two of Hearts: JJ and/or Shah may leave the Command center to its roof and remain there Hidden. One card is enough if both figures do the same.
  • Three of Hearts/Four of Hearts: JJ and/or Shah may leave the Command Center through the floor, drop into the sea and re-emerge at the top of the stairs of any pylon, also Hidden, the next turn. One card is enough if both figures do the same.
  • Five of Hearts: By using the air ducts OUTSIDE the Command center, either JJ OR Shah may disappear (an Action) and reappear anywhere on the base the following turn, as long as it is OUTSIDE the Command Center. The laptop will not work from inside the air ducts, so sticking there is not an option 😊

JJ and/or Shah may fire any number of Interceptor missiles from within the Command Center or with the laptop from anywhere. It takes an Action to fire an Interceptor missile with the laptop or the Command Center Console. Interceptor missiles never miss and never run out.

JJ may appropriate any weapon from a dead opponent (Action). Rolling a 6 with an appropriated weapon means it fired but is now empty. Searching a dead terrorist for a reload also takes an Action and succeeds on a 4+.

JJ may also declare her sidearm to be empty during a Close Combat and then use it as a +2 Close Combat weapon ONCE (you should REALLY watch that movie….).  

JJ may use an Action and Ductape to stop any Bleeding. This also lowers her own Wound status one level.

Kessel can use his Satellite Phone and an action to order any number of  ICBM launches. JJ or Shah have to launch Interceptor missiles within three turns to shoot those down and save an entire US city!

A Blackhawk with 10 Navy SEALs (Professionals, Body armour, Carbines, Sidearms, Grenades L/N-L) is underway to reinforce JJ. At the end of each turn, roll a D6 and add the Turn number. If the result is 10+, the Blackhawk will arrive the next turn and te SEALs will appear as a group (fast-roped down) anywhere on the open top deck.   

Both the radar dome and the rocket launchers are indestructible. I know this makes no sense, but neither does this movie. Except as a game scenario. 

Victory conditions:

When one or more US cities are destroyed, Kessel wins.

When all ICBMs are either shot down or not launched at all, JJ wins.

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