Nap Campaign: Battle of Grazzbenn 2nd April 1808 – Prequel

With lighting installed in the garage its time to return to wargaming on the tabletop. In advance I provide a recap of the events leading up to the next game to be played in the Napoleonic campaign – the critical battle of Grazzbenn:

On 24th March, Napoleon decisively captured the Prussian capital Grissburg. 

Continued –
Following the battle the Prussian army survivors were split into two (green 1 and 3). Blucher was among the troops who successfully broke through the surrounding French lines and escaped capture to the east (green 1).

As the Prussians continued to withdraw, Napoleon invested the capital and reorganised his forces.
Von Ziethen’s 1st Corps (green 5), having been recalled from Holland, was now approaching the rear of Napoleon’s position. Napoleon however, was still preparing for the next stage of his advance.

For his part, Blucher with a cavalry escort (green 4) races to rejoin his main force.

It is now 28th March and Napoleon makes his move. He strikes north aiming for the main Prussian military base of Grazzbenn. The second most important settlement after its capital. Having defeated the Prussians in every previous engagement he is confident that he can deliver a final knock-out blow against the main Prussian army. He is unfazed by the potential amassing of Prussian forces, in fact it is his preference as it will signal the end of any significant Prussian resistance! It will then be just a matter of mopping up the remnants.

As the French advance north, the Prussians hurry to gather their forces.

Following the road slows the French momentarily further allowing the Prussians to congregate in defence of Grazzbenn.

Units of the Prussian 2nd Corps (green 2) and 1st Corps (green 3) begin to take up position around Grazzbenn.

At the end of 1st April the scene is set for the crucial Battle of Grazzbenn.
Given the anticipated length of this battle I will break it down into bitesize chunks beginning with the Introduction. This will include orders of battle and photographs of the initial dispositions.
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