Wars of the Roses: Retinue Billmen of Sir Henry Grey


This Retinue unit was raised by Sir Henry Grey, 7th Lord Grey of Codnor..   

The men wear the Gules and Vert livery of Lord Grey. 

Lord Grey and his men fought at Wakefield  and Second St Albans for the  Lancastrian cause.

Ijn true Wars of the Roses fashion, he and his men then fought at Barnet, Tewkesbury, and 
Bosworth for the Yorkist cause!

Interestingly, Codmor Castle and Manor was sold to King Henry VII in 1501, for ghsi son, the Prince of York (aka the future King Henry VIII). 

After I finished thias unit I realized that I hadn’t really completed the trumpet banner, so a siomple design was added afterwards. 

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