Endless Spells


As part of the Kharadron Overlords commission, I got a load of Endless Spells to do as well – so here they are! These were largely fun and fairly quick with a lot of washes, dry brushing, contrast, and of course, the mighty sponge!

First up, the Purple Sun of Shyish. This one was dead easy, sprayed purple, covered in Shyish purple contrast (appropriately), then sponged with bone. That’s pretty much it! 

Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws – this one got sprayed red then heavily dry brushed, washed, and dry brushed again. Teeth got heavily sponged as well.

The Suffocating Gravetide pretty much just got painted like bases, with lots of dry brush and then texture paint and static grass applied partially over it. The spooky bits got hit with Hexwraith Flame, then sponged over with bone.

This one was pretty fun. I decided the Prismatic Palisade should be coloured like a rainbow. Sprayed purple and heavily dry brushed with white, then various washes used to get the colours, merging together to get a smooth spectrum. Finally, I sponged over it with white again.

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh. Sprayed bone, heavy dry brush, wash, more dry brush, then black templar contrast over the black one and gently washing the raised areas over the white one.

Soulsnare Shackles – nice and dirty chains with the classic combo of Ryza Rust and Typhus Corrosion, followed with a metal sponging.

Umbral Spellportal – that’s Skeleton Horde over the gold and Hexwraith Flame over the magic bits – leaving some pale sections at the edges.

Quicksilver Swords and the Aethervoid Pendulum. The edges of the metal bits were highlighted white, with then a ‘wash’ of watered down silver painted over the top.

Emerald Lifeswarm and Chronomantic Cogs. The Swarm were painted with progressively lighter green sponging, very similar to the carapace of the sponged Tyranid project. The Cogs got some Nihilakh Oxide over a heavy metal dry brush, then some copper sponging over the top.

Finally the Malevolent Maelstrom and the Burning Head. The Maelstrom was pretty much painted as a smaller version of the Purple Sun with some magic bits covered in Hexwraith then heavily dry brished. The Burning Head is mostly sponging over a red spray base, and then contrast Flesh Tearers Red for the skull.
So there we have it. A fun little diversion before diving back in to more steampunk Dwarves. Hope you enjoyed, and stay safe out there.

Redtoof’s 40K

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