Birthday Book Bash!


My fellow bibliophile friends presented me with several new books on the occasion of my birthday a while back. This is one II certainly didn’t habe. It appears that opur halting Napoleonic Imaginations campaign is going to see a lot more seaside action, so it was good timing. 
Peaking of that, Joe has decried the Black Seas will be the rules of choice for such ships and engagements, so I picked up a pdf copy myself! I have at least 2 other sets of Napoleonic Age of Sail rules sets to try out, and even a few more ships that I can build. I need to retire so that I can play more!  🙂

A bit outside of my core interests, but you have to love the name, right?  🙂
Actually, I read quite a bit about Peter back in Middle school, when I was researching the history of the Russian Navy. 

This was unexpected. On first read thorough, it reminded me of a development of Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargames… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Another set to put on the table… some day! 

This is a bit of an odd one, although Napoleon was well known to be superstitious. And, of course, there was his usual question about an officer… “Is he Lucky?”.

Blunders On The Danube

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