Wars of the Roses: Retinue Billmen of Sir Richard Tunstall


This unit wears the Argent and Sable livery of Sir Richard Tunstall of Thurland.

Thurland castle is located in Lancashire. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, Sir Richard adhered to the Lancastrian faction. 
Thurland Castle; it was badly damaged in a siege during the Civil War in 1643, and then again by a major fire in 1876, thus much of the existing structure is of Victorian origin. 

Sir Richard Tunstall of Thursland
Thunstall and his men fought at Wakefield, Second St Albans, Towton, Hedgeley Moor, and  Hexham.

A flag will be added later this Spring. 

Being of Retinue status, the men have more armor for protection. 
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