Amsterdam6shooters International Sharp Practice Event 2022: We Had a Great Weekend!

Our club icon mr Eltjo Verweij organized for the second time now a Sharp Practice event, in our wargame palace in Amsterdam. Two full days. Fun multiplayer games, not a tournament in a strict sense, loose on rules, the outcome of a game influenced your rating. Some highlights:

  • we had visitors from Belgium and even 6 players from the land behind the horizon, far away, even outside the European Union… The UK!
  • we had visitors from outside Amsterdam! (as Amsterdammers, we consider everything east of IJburg Asia, desert, or (Ant)Artica. We also had our Hungarian expat In Da House.
  • Mr 2FatLardies Richard Clarke joined the event and played both days. He didn’t win. He even scored quite low :-). [please keep this silent]
  • We had a wonderful Surinamese dinner, also very international.
  • A Dutchman with an Italian army won the ’tournament’. Dutch cheese with spaghetti, always a winning combination.
  • We celebrated our 8th birthday. We love the smell of red velvet cake in the morning.
  • Great to see so many painted Napoleonic figures on so many tables.
  • You missed the show? No problem. This will not be our last event. We want more!