On the Workbench: Prince Rupert’s Horse

Since my last blog post I have completed 100 French infantry for Bussaco and now back to figures for Edgehill.

Continued –

This represents Prince Rupert’s regiment of horse. All are Baccus figures.
Edgehill will be played at a figure ratio of 1:10 so a little under 3,000 will be required. I have approximately 1,300 more to paint so unlikely it will be on the tabletop this year although smaller ECW actions are planned in the meantime.
My house build has been delayed another month and now due for completion late April! In reality it will make little difference to my wargaming as I will need my garage prepped and on that score I have a contractor booked. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can complete the works soon after I have moved in. 
For now I intend to continue making inroads into my lead pile.

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