On the Workbench: SS Units for the Battle of Cristot

Preparation for the house move has necessitated packing away most of my terrain tiles meaning my wargaming will be on hold until after the move. The latest from the builder was another slight delay so at least a month away yet before that gets completed. Then there is the small matter of converting the garage!

My workbench is still active though and will continue to be so soon after the move. I am therefore concentrating on painting figures for future battles in my projects list.

Referring to a previous post I had intended to play Cristot, a WW2 Normandy game using ‘O’ Group rules but lost interest. Cristot was always on my ’to do’ list but a larger version taken from a Rapid Fire scenario book and using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. The failed attempt at the ‘O’ Group game gave me the impetus to progress the BKC version.

On checking the orders of battle I found several German units needed to be completed along with a couple of British recce platoons. These were all painted in one lot and, apart from the British, are detailed here:

An overview of the German collection. Consisting of 5 x PzIVH, Sdkfz 231 8 rad armoured car, Sdkfz 10 and 11 halftracks, 5 x motor cycle combos, a SiG33 15cm infantry gun, 2 x MG42 on tripod sections, and 2 x Panzerschrek platoons.  

Continued –

I agonised over whether to base the motor cycle combos given that I really do not like basing any vehicles. These are Heroics & Ros and very small. The artillery crew to the right are also H&R but the updated version and as can be seen are rather larger. Eventually I will replace them with any new sculpts that come along. In the meantime I have left them unbased. 

The Panzer IVH tanks are all GHQ. Since buying these 2D6 Wargaming have released their version which I am sure will be as good and at half the price!
The rather nice H&R SiG33 15cm infantry gun and crew shows how they have progressed from their earlier sculpts. The Sdkfz 10 along with the Sdkfz 11 on the road could benefit from updating but are passable. In the foreground are the tripod mounted MG34/42 sections, also new H&R.

Another view of the combos and the Sdkfz 11 halftrack.

An H&R Sdkfz 231/2 8 rad armoured car.

And finally the two Panzerschrek armed platoons, again from the new H&R range.
Cristot can now be added to those games that are good to go when my wargames room is up and running.
A Baccus Pony Wars Wagon Train pack is close to completion but I have decided to have a break from that period (to keep me fresh!). 
The next Peninsular War battle will be Busaco and on checking the orders of battle have found approximately another 1,400 will be required! On the plus side it is nearly all infantry. It breaks down to around 400 French and allies, 300 – 400 British and 600 – 700 Portuguese. I can safely say it will not be played this year but have made a start with 100 French on the workbench primed and ready. 
Immediately following on from these are Prince Rupert’s bluecoat horse regiment for the Edgehill project. This will be a large unit of 45 figures.
Blog posts may be a little sporadic for a time until the house move is completed but will hopefully be able to provide reasonably frequent updates on the painting progress.  

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