Renaissance Reconnaissance, Part 11 – Box #15, 16; Evil Medievals!

When I acquired the Sea People and Hittite figures from the collection of the late Bill McHugh, it included a bunch of his Medieval figures. 

The cross country trip wasn’t kind to them at all, as can be seen. About 40 Knights, 2 organ guns, and crew. Manufacturer unknown. 

They will need considerable repair, touch up, and rebasing work to become a useful force. I have a few Medieval odds and ends gifted to me Ken Baggaley many years ago that would probably go with these as well. 

They have languished awaiting same, because, frankly, I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I have no idea as to the manufacturer, either. 

Now it seems to me that they would do passably well as HYW French, Burgundians, and even Catholic Crusaders from the Hussite Wars. 

Looks like about 24 Flail men, 24 spearmen, 12 Handgunners, 6 Crossbowmen, 16 Billmen, 8 Foot Knights, and about 12 Halberdiers, plus a few odds and ends.  I definitely won’t be adding these fellows to any official tallies until such work is done, though! 🙂

Blunders On The Danube

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