The Price of Crowns – Piano Games Württemberg Kickstarter #2


My freind Mark (Gamespoet) alerted me to this new company in Ingolstadt (home of the Bavarian Army Museum, no less) Germany which  did a successful Kickstarter earlier this year for the Württemberg infantry 1806 – 1812 in  Perry-sized “28 mm” metal. Well, they just launched phase 2 of the KS yesterday, and have already unlocked almost all of the stretch goals. The new KS allows you to order all the figures from the original KS as well. With this second phase, they have comprehensive coverage of this army in a depth never seen before to my knowledge. They are gorgeous digital sculpts!…/pia…/the-price-of-crowns-2

Just in case you’re hesitant to click, I’ve done you the courtesy of cutting and pasting the key Kickstarter content right here. You can thank me or curse me after you’ve maxed out your credit card on these lovelies, LOL!

There are even free flag sheets for all of the units, cavalry and artillery, and free painting guides (well technically stretch goals, but at the rate they are going, should be a shoo in! Did I mention the free figure of General Vandamme, who commanded them in 1809, too? You can also buy the STL files for 3D printing were you son inclined, which would also allow you to scale these for 10, 15, 18, 40 mm, or whatever size!

I have a smallish Wurttemberg Contingent composed of 1980;’s Minifigs; this will motivate me to post those with the basic uniform information… but I’ve just pledged for a whole damn army of these things on Kickstarter, LOL!  About all they need now are artillery train; I seldom get around to painting those, anyway!  The sculptor is threatening to move on to other small German states as well. Please, no! The budget won’t stand it. Hmm, how about Berg; I don’t have them…

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