Historicon 2021: Random Friday Games

Friday, I once again ran my game in the morning, so i was free to roam the convention in the afternoon and evening… 

Setting up the phenomenal battle of la Bicocca – great Italian Wars, 1522.. 

Rules were Pike and Shotte, I believe. 

54 mm ? plastic American Civil War

All the King’s Men ? rules

Along the Mekong River in Vietnam, I think. 

Carnage and Glory, computer moderated rules. 

C&G also, I think ?

More C&G – ECW Battle of Newbury, I think. 

How the West was Fun…

Big flags, tiny troops!

Triumph rules 

Greg and the Little Wars guys – Viking raid on Saxons

7YW – Mollwitz, with modified General d’Armee. 

The sensational Rorke’s Drift game. 

Sharpe Practice rules. 

I spent some time at the Flea Market sessions (Wally’s Basement), nothing notable acquired, really. Bought some trees from Battlefield Terrain Concepts, a bit of paint, and a 28 mm Obelisk at the dealer’s area. Loot Tally such as it was, in a later post. Food was limited to the food court in the evening and AM on Thursday; I wound up going out to shop[ at at Wegman’s a few miles away and bought all my food for the week there. I really didn’t want to be eating with my mask off around others anyway, so I just ate in my room. Not as personable as I would have liked like, but safer!

Blunders On The Danube

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