Showcase: Black Templars’ Emperor’s Champion

The new Black Templar range of plastic Citadel Miniatures are so good it makes me want to chain paintbrushes to my wrists and sweaty oaths of fealty to the Emperor. From today more Templars are available to order to bolster your crusades. I love how Games Workshop have gone about updating this zealous successor chapter, all the special characters, all the special units all released within a short timeframe. Amazing. I hope other chapters like Dark Angels and Space Wolves get the same treatment.

In today’s post I wanted to share my recently finished Emperor’s Champion that Games Workshop kindly sent me. I had fun taking this picture. I wanted him standing in a doorway as an homage to He man and the Masters of the Universe. It’s just the way he’s holding his sword, I can imagine him calling down the power of Grayskull… or maybe he’d say servoskull.

This miniature didn’t take long to paint, I think I cranked him out in about three evenings. Hardest bit was his tilt-shield. That thing is tiny. I’m using plenty of yellow on my Black Templars and because he doesn’t have a ranged weapon to paint the casing yellow I decided to go heavy on the yellow for his heraldry.

The sword was interesting to paint. I started with Dawnstone grey and shaded it with Basilcanum Grey COntrast. I then worked darker shadows into it with Eshin Grey and Corus Black. The edges of the blade were highlighted with Administratum Grey. For details on how I painted the rest of him, check out the tutorial link below.

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