On The Workbench: Rorke’s Drift Garrison

The garrison for Rorke’s Drift has now been completed on a 1:1 figure ratio. Most of the characters have been included with just the Chaplain and Surgeon Reynolds missing. I have yet to find a suitable figure for those two in 6mm.

Men of the 2/24th battalion to the rear and a detachment of 10 men from the 1/24th on the left.

Continued –

From the left: Royal Engineer, Chard, Broomhead, Staff Sgt Mabin and Daniels the Ferryman (a Pony Wars figure from the Baccus range and will also be used in that project).
From the left: Mounted Police, artillerymen.

From the left: Commissariat including Dalton on the right of the group, 3 hospital staff determined to fight to the last!

Adendorff with 4 European corporals of the Natal Native Contingent (NNC).
The idea behind the many single figure bases is to allow for a more random distribution around Rorke’s Drift. Bases are such that they can be ranked up uniformly. Each figure has a 6mm frontage x 10mm depth. The only exception being Daniels who has an 8mm frontage for the Pony Wars project.
There were 30 men recorded as wounded in the hospital but most were capable of fighting. I have therefore deducted around 10 from the overall strength to allow for those too incapacitated with the rest added to the ranks.

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