15mm Shivan Witches (Blue Moon)

 Apart from basing a few more armies (yes, I discovered another half-painted army from Micropanzer) I figure my 15mm phase has run its course.  This is my last “army in an hour” before I switch to more labour-intensive 28mm.

I also found some GZG drones which I’ll add to my ‘not Terminator’ army from Rebel Minis. 


I don’t actually have any Dark Eldar so this 40K barge will belong to the Sisterhood. It’s more impressive in 15mm anyway.

 Ugh even in daylight my photography is a 2/10 – obviously photography is not a hobby or area of interest at all

Mantic & Deadzone  Anyway, I’ve finished assembling my Mantic Enforcers. I’ve also read through Deadzone 2E (even though I intend to make/play my own rules) and have been favourably impressed. It’s certainly a quicker, cleaner, more logical game than Kill Team. Rather like Dreadball compared to the bloated, clunky Blood Bowl – I used to love Blood Bowl but man it’s a gluggy mess – even nostalgia goggles and the – (for GW) – reasonable pricing can’t get me back into it.  Sadly I don’t have a square mat to playtest the Deadzone rules, as they seem quite interesting.