3rd Quarter 2021 Statistics


It may have been summer, but for most of the season here in New England, it was cooler than usual, cloudy, and rainy. Preferable to the wildfires and scorching heat in the Northwest and California for sure, though!


June 2021
Michaels $21.17 (2 x spray cans Krylon Clear Acrylic Varnish), Joanne’s $38.54 ($1.25/2 oz Ceramcoat craft paint sale). 

July 2021
$19.20 Osprey (Fuentes pdf  book),  Pastimes on the Square (terrain) $83.60

August 2021
Walmart (spay paint for mats) $8.42, Home Depot shop lights x 2 $73.32, For King and Parliament – Marlowe to Maidenhythe scenario book – Digital Edition  $14.20

September 2021
Backed “Coalitions” Kickstarter $84.63
3rd Quarter Total:   $343.08

YTD:  1,397.91  out of 2K budget; with upcoming Historicon expenses, will surely go over. 


July 2021
Egyptian Spearmen, Division Set (60 points), Portal Insurrectio (90 points), Egyptian Archers, Division Ptah (60 points), Egyptian Spearmen, Division Amun (60 points)

August 2021

5th Battalion KGL (90 points), Libyan Light Infantry Javelinmen (60 points), 28th North Gloucestershire British Line (90 points), Egyptian skirmishers, Leaders, and Heroes (40 points)

September 2021

Libyan MI Javelinmen (60 points), 79th Cameronian Highlanders (90 points), Libyan Light Infantry Javelinmen (60 points), Libyan Li Archers and Leaders (40 points) 

3rd Quarter Total:  800 points

YTD: 3,435  Very good but slowing up some! 


July 2021

August 2021
Kadesh playtest (TTS!), WotR Battle (Test of Resolve – remote)

September 2021
Egypt vs Sea Peoples (TTS!), Raid on Sandwich (January 15, 1460; Test of Resolve – remote), Vimiero 1807, Marlowe (ECW- FK&P) 

3rd Quarter Totals: 6 games (2 remote)

YTD 16 total… with a lot planned (at least 8) already for the 4th Quarter

Blunders On The Danube

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