Renaissance Reconnaissance, Part 6 – Box #10; Gendarmes and Stradiots

Gendarmes, especially French ones, are one of the key troop types we tend to associate with the Great Italian Wars. It seems almost every manufacturer who does figures for this era has Gendarmes!  

The bulk of mine are by Essex, with a few Old Glory seen here as well. Also in this box are a number of mounted commanders.  

Stradiots were light cavalry of ill repute during the era. Typically mercenaries, originally from Albania, they were usually armed with Javelins, although light lances were used at times. Like all Light cavalry, they were more useful for scouting, raids, and harassing enemy supply lines than on the battlefield. Never the less, they appear in a great many actions! Mine are by Old Glory and Essex.
Box total:  18 EHC Gendarmes, 27 LC/MC Stradiots, 6 mounted commanders. 

Blunders On The Danube

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