First Look: Orks Beastsnagga Kill Rig / Hunter Rig

On today’s post I take a look inside the Beastsnagga Orks Kill Rig / Hunter Rig box set. In the 4k video you’ll see detailed sprues, instructions and rules. At the end of the post I share the Ork WurrBoy I painted from the set.

This is a weird one today. Games workshop has very kindly sent me this kit to look at and I really don’t want to sound ungrateful because I truly appreciate how lucky I am to be sent anything from Games Workshop but WHY THIS model? I don’t paint Orks, I don’t know the first thing about Orks. This could have gone to someone who is really into Orks. Oh well, the least I can do is let you guys know what’s in the box. I’m not painting the whole thing though, it’s way too big and I’m just not into it. I have painted the Wurrboy though. Picture at the end of this article and I’ll share a full free tutorial for him soon so everyone can get some benefit from GW sending me this random model.

The video is recorded in 4k and you can clearly see the details of the sprues, instructions and the rules. In case you can’t watch the video right now (maybe you’re at work), I’ve taken some screenshots and shared those below.

The sprues are jam-packed with components. There is hardly any space at all on these two and half large sprues.
These two and a half large sprues fit in a box the size of a Start Collecting Box and retails for £78.50.
Thee are no alternative heads or weapons for the crew according to the instructions.
Base size is 170mm x 110mm
All the major clans are covered with this decal sheet.

Here’s my Wurrboy from the set. If you build the Hunter Rig option you can build the Wurrboy separately and mount him on a 32mm base. He was quite fun to paint, a nice change of pace from all the Soulblight models I’ve been painting recently. I’ve photographed each painting step and I’ll be posting a tutorial on how I painted him within the next week or so.

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