New Club Army: Ravenguard Space Marines!

We already had Napoleonic and Bolt Action armies, but with the growing ranks of 40K-players in our club, we thought it necessary to buy a 40K army for shared use. Well, what is ‘necessary’? Nothing is really necessary in life, except for oxygen, water and food. This Ravenguard army is a luxury.

However, it’s a necessary luxury because new players that have contacted us this year mailed that they restarted without figures or that they have not yet complete armies. 40K is expensive. One of our club goals is to make wargaming more affordable and easier to play.

This second hand marktplaats deal – only 200 euro – is a great deal:

  • 1 Lt Phobos
  • 1x Redemptor dreadnought
  • 1x Captain Gravis
  • 1x Captain Phobos
  • 1x Libarian Phobos
  • 1x Judicar
  • 1x Chaplain
  • 1x Lt Phobos reiver armour
  • 1x Ancient
  • 15x Intercessors (9 niet gebouwd)
  • 10x Infiltrator (2 niet gebouwd)
  • 3x Eliminators
  • 3x Suppressors (2 niet gebouwd)
  • 6x Outriders
  • 1x Invictus Warsuit (gemagnetiseerd)
  • 1x Deredeo (gemagnetiseerd)

According to our 40K-experts it’s a complete army. Not an ‘unbeatable tournament army’ for a highly competitive player, but an excellent middle of the road army for casual play and introducing new players.

Besides, we can use these models for Infinity, Gates of Antares, the FUBAR 40K variant or Stargrave, the SF Frostgrave variant.

The majority of the models is painted, as I understand (the package will be delivered next week). Some need finishing. If you like painting and like to help the club, contact us. We think it’s a very useful investment.

I found a SpeedPaint tutorial here!