Random Mechs (Diary of an Average Painter)

With kids, now I fit my painting to the time I have spare. So with an hour or two before a family visit, I decided to dig out all my unpainted 15mm, 6mm or clix mechs and see what I could get ready for the tabletop. 

My son wanted to help but I easily decoyed him with some OOP DUST/AT43 mechs (which are skyscraper size compared to our ~15mm tall mechs we painted last week; so he was super impressed). Leaving him happily pew-pewing on “his” man-cave table (he uses it for LEGO plus any minis he politely borrows off my table) I was free to dig through my mini boxes in search of all things mech-y.

The 3 huge AT43 mechs in the background weren’t part of the project; they merely served to distract my son from his efforts to assist me….

I’m going to paint a series of mech “units” in generic military colours (grey, olive, khaki, silver) to allow them to be swapped back and forth between random armies – no “Space Marine” all-red, all-blue, all-yellow paint schemes. I’ll use easily-overpainted shoulder tags to delineate forces – which means if I change my mind I can easily swap mechs between armies, changing their allegiance with a dab of paint.

The copper GZG not-VOTOM my daughter painted is a “battlesuit” in our game; so it gives you a sense of scale. An AT-43 28mm is more of a regular mech, and the Battletech clix with claws is a heavy unit. 

The strider is from a small 15m manufacturer which I cannot recall (I think it was one of those “guy-selling-from-his-blog” stores limited range of minis – from 10 years ago.)

The Battletech mini is a rebased clix. I have quite a few unique random clix, who are going to serve as the “centrepiece” model of a range of small mech forces.

My aim is to make a similar size unit of 5-10 mechs next weekend. I’m using clix, 6mm, 10mm, and 15mm mechs – as well as some 28mm mechs to be “titan class.” Inspired by Gamma Wolves, I’ve decided to get as many of my random mechs table ready as I can.