On the Workbench: Napoleonic Spanish for Talavera

The next game due on my tabletop will be Talavera. Having thought I had painted all the figures required I discovered I was missing one battery of Baden artillery and now awaiting a delivery from Baccus. In the meantime I am reverting to my “On the Workbench” updates to provide a flavour of what I have been painting over recent months.

One of the larger painting projects was the completion of the Spanish contingent for the battle:

The row of units on the left together with some Guerrillas at the top middle row of the left box had previously been completed. All other units are new and all are Baccus. 

Continued –

A closer view of the left hand box.

More of those previously painted figures. Originally these were planned as direct replacements of my 15mm versions and were set for post 1812 (with a couple of exceptions). Therefore most are not ideal for Talavera but I decided that life is simply too short to paint whole new Spanish armies representing their evolution of uniform changes through the Peninsular War. I calculated that I could get away with it in 6mm although less so in the larger scales!
All the new units painted over recent weeks and months are as close as I can get them to the actual units present at the battle. This and the following photos highlights some of those units.

I will include details of the these units when reporting on the battle and hopefully they will acquit themselves a little better than they did historically!

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