Aghast at more fine wares from Pastimes on the Square!


While working on the table layout for my upcoming Kadesh playtest, I decided that I needed some terrain enhancements  to improve the look of that table, and the two other games that are to feature Ramses II and his opponents. I recalled the fine items I acquired from Pastimes on the Square, located in Palmyra (I love it!), Pennsylvania. A brief email to Steve confirmed that they were still shipping orders, and we were off!

Tall Weeds, Elephant Grass, Weeds and Reeds, Brambles, and Desert Weeds.
Tree ferns, Colorful Weeds, Medium Scrub Trees, Mixed Shade Trees. 

3 packs of 1″ tall flocked hills, one each 12″, 9″, and 6″ diameter per pack. I got one pack in Desert flock for the Egyptian games. 

10 “Desert Weeds”, with a 28 mm figure for scale. 

12 “Brambles”. 

15 “Weeds and Reeds” 

12 “Tall Weeds”
15 “Colorful Weeds”

Steve also extended to me the same “Buy two, get one free” deal as last year- no need to be identical, either!

10 “Elephant Grass”

“Moses, Moses… where are you hiding? “
10 “Tree Ferns”

10 “Scrub Trees”

10 ” 2 inch 
Mixed Shade” trees. In truth, these are really too small for 28 mm, but they will work well with Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day events and other uses. They sell trees up to 4″ in height. 

The contents of 2 of the 1″ height hill packs in green…
and the three pack in Desert flock. 
    When we confirmed the availability of the items and the order total with the effective 33% discount, I then asked Steve how much to add for shipping. “The shipping is free!” was the answer. Dude, almost nobody does THAT anymore. Wow!  Needless to say, a big box arrived a few2 days later, well packed, with the items just as ordered. Hard to beat that kind of service and value these days!
Many of these items will also come in  handy for the planned “Darkest Afrika” project as well…

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