Hellboy, the board game by Mantic. Miniatures blog.

 Painting away on the magnificent miniatures of the Hellboy board game by Mantic. Review will follow after a few games. Promise. 

Hellboy & Liz Sherman

Abe Sapien, Professor Bruttenholm & Johann Kraus
Priority counters

Priority counters

Roger the Homunculus, Kate Corrigan and Lobster Johnson

Giant Frog Monster


The Conqueror Worm


Hecate in her two incarnations

Ilsa Hauptmann, Von Klempt, Der Unmensch & Roepprecht Kroenen


Ogdru Hem Tentacles
Ogdru Hem Tentacles

Prof Bruttenholm


Agents Waller & Scott
Baba Yaga

Pancake Hellboy & Horned Hellboy

Rasputin and his ghost

Saint Leonard’s Worm

Terrain stuff

Agent Leach & The Visitor

Monkey With Gun, Turkey Of Evil and Iron Shoes

To be continued……

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