Sea Peoples King, and Sardana repurposed

I think this fellow was in with the Old Glory Seda Peoples, but in any event he looked like Royalty to me!

I assume he has outfitted himself with the latest Purple dyed cloak from Tyre.

Probably looted…
A few flowering tufts of suitable colors.

He does look rather determined!
Meanwhile I re-based by Sardanna so that they could be used for or against Egypt.
That freed up a few figures that were used to flesh out the numbers in some of the other Sea Peoples units.

Tremble ye Canaanites!
Your doom is upon you!
Wait, who’s this Ramses guy you’re Babbling about?
He’s big into statuary, eh? Our numbers are like those of the waves of the Sea that we spring from, and we will crash upon his shores!

Blunders On The Danube