I Committed A 40K Wargame Crime – I Speedpainted A Space Marine!

I was busy reordering, discarding and deleting pictures from my wargame project table. I found the silent witnesses of a crime. Pictures I took when speedpainting a Space Marine. The whole figure was painted in less than ten minutes. Blasphemy, some painters/gamers/collectors might think. A capital crime. These miniatures are so special that only delicate painting might to justice to these works of art.

But I’m not an artist. I’m a workhorse working on big historical battle armies in 15mm and 6mm. I tried this small experiment to see if non-GW-Army Painter techniques give a ‘good enough’- result on 28mm Space Marines. I share it with my fellow club gamers who might not want a ‘best painted miniatures’-award but like to have a tabletop quality on their table. Here’s the how to.

Ready for the crime

I learned my Space Marine how to swim. He’s a Marine, after all. He almost drowned. I took him out before he suffocated.

24 hours drying and an extra matt varnish. Here’s the result.

Probably not as good as the Contrast Paint-ed Space Marines below. But I don’t ask you: is it good? My question is: would the miniature above be good enough?

here be geeks blog, Space Marine with several CP-paints.