No Dice Rolling? Let’s Paint!

I hope everybody enjoys the sunny weather this week. We Amsterdam6shooters hope to reopen soon, but as you may have noticed, our requests to our government to proclaim ‘wargame clubs’ an ‘essential service’ have not been honoured. Yet. We don’t surrender.

In the meantime, just to show you we’re alive and kicking and share fun, keeping digital distance, a link to two blogs.

The Amsterdam Battle Brothers (Dino Kho’s 40K tournament organization) published a ‘TableTop Journal‘, dedicated to 40K. Incredible painting examples. A few pics, from Amsterdam gamers.

Painted by Marten Scherpenzeel
Painted by Stelios Marinakis
and Jonathan Coughlan, who wrongfully claims he can’t compete with Marten or Stelios.

I will ask Dean to share his knowledge about making ‘online magazine publishing’, so that we can make a true A6S clubzine, some day. His magazine looks good.

Beyond 40K I painted 1,8K. I slowpainted a showcase model, ‘Napoleon à Fontainebleau’. In March 1814, 207 years ago, he lost Paris. He went to his Fontainebleau palace and abdicated in April (probably thinking ‘I’ll be back’ as he did in 1815, when he found his Waterloo). I finally had time to paint this 90mm (!) miniature. Tutorial here.

Send us your pictures or post your current project in our Facebook forum. In the meantime, have fun and live life to the fullest! A true Emperor (Grimdark or Napoleonic) never abdicates, but drinks champagne!