Britannia Campaign: 16th Legion v Trinovantes Part 4 of 4 – Turns 10 to Conclusion

 Turn 10

The 9th Cohort pressed on charged a unit of chariots who counter-charged. The outnumbered chariots were easily defeated with 3 more crew killed for no Roman loss. The last remaining chariots routed. 

Continued –

A near identical result as the 10th Cohort charges a unit of light horse with 3 casualties inflicted for no loss causing them to retreat.
An overview of the Trinovantes left flank and the increasingly precarious situation for them.

On the Roman left, the last of the Trinovantes flanking force with their commander attached who had been gradually overcoming the 7th Cohort, were now attacked to their rear by the 8th Cohort. The 8th carved their way into the helpless warband killing 9 of them for just 1 Roman loss. Their commander would survive only to see his last warriors rout from the field.

The tribal Chieftain’s position on his right flank was not much better. With his last warbands both retreating he is now relying on his skirmishers, light horse and light chariots to stabilise the line. 

The Chieftain’s slingers lined up behind the retreating warband with the javelinmen pouring out of the wood in the middle left of the photo.

An overview at the end of turn 10.

Turn 11

Turn 11 saw the collapse of the Trinovantes left flank with several units fleeing the field.

The Trinovantes sub-commander forlornly makes his was to his last faltering warband.

It did not look good!

In a last desperate act, the tribal chieftain orders his chariots and light horse to charge the Roman cohorts hoping to buy enough time to rally his warbands. Here the 6th Cohort, who had seen much success, was surprised by the ferocity of the light chariot crews. The chariots ploughed into the Roman line succeeding in breaking their formation. Now unformed the Romans fought desperately to hold the chariots with each side losing just 1 casualty for a draw.

The light horse were not so fortunate failing to make any impression on the 5th Cohort. Losing 6 casualties for no loss on the Romans, the last of the light horse routed.

The Chieftain tries and fails to rally a large warband whose retreat turns into a rout.

The collapse in morale among the Chieftain’s warbands now feeds through to his entire command. The Charioteers, buoyed by their success in disordering the Roman cohort, find their confidence quickly evaporating as all around them their fellow tribesmen dissolve in flight.

The same happens on the left with the last warband deciding it is time to leave.

The villagers look on aghast!

Time to pack the bags!!

The game end. Although the 16th Legion were victorious it could easily have gone the other way. The Legate was momentarily staring at disaster and even now would have to account for heavier casualties than anticipated so early in the campaign.

The Trinovantes are now pacified but at a cost of 184 Roman killed and wounded out of 704 at the start. For a Roman victory or draw they receive 50% back representing wounded returning to the ranks. Several Roman units however, were wiped out. These included an auxiliary cohort and two units of Batavians making up an Equitata (combined cavalry and infantry cohort). This resulted in only 52 returning to cohort strengths. A loss of 132 this early in the campaign are bad omens for the 16th Legion.

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