Hey 40K-ers, This Is Dropzone!

Challenge from your war correspondent. Are you ready to rumble?

Many 40K club members know me as that bald man who is always busy with his 6mm Napoleonics, too small to see for the human eye.

In fact I’m not. Yes, I admit, 6mm is a great wonderful scale and Napoleon the greatest person ever alive, even bigger than Johan Cruijff, Jesus Christ or myself – but I do have larger scales (28mm Renaissance, for example, and WW2 that I donated to the club for the common good) and I do play other eras (fantasy Conan and Frostgrave, post apoc Zombicide).

I missed the 40K-boat in the nineties, when I quit wargaming and switched to roleplay and computer wargaming. And chasing women and jobs. I alwas was in-between jobs and had a girl, or vice versa.

But that doesn’t mean that I dislike SF or hate Warhammer. I just don’t have sweet teenage memories about Space Marines or an old T’Au army that yearns to be tabled. I have teenage memories about Airfix Hussars, and a box with 1/72 Tiger and Sherman tanks somewhere.

SF wargaming is beautiful, the 40K tables that I see during club days are impressive. A couple of years ago I added SF to my wish list and I bought 10mm Dropzone miniatures, that were low on my painting priority list. I had to finish my mountains of 6mm Prussians first, you see!

In the past lockdown months however I found time to complete this project. Dropzone is a mix between 40K Epic and Necromunda (gangs fighting for objectives). I have 4 armies now and can stage quite large cityfights, with UCM (humanoid ‘Star Wars rebels’), Scourge (‘Dark Eldar’), PHR (Cyborg) and Shaltari (bugs, ‘Tyranid’). See pics below.

Post-lockdown I need opponents. I hope that SF-games like Epic-copy Dropzone, and Warmaster-inspired Future War Commander can bridge the gap between the casual non-tournament 40K-players and the casual non-40K-players who play everything except Games Workshops rules.

So I challenge my fellow club members, in particular my non-regular opponents who like 40K, to play a DropZone of FWC-wargame against me. Pictures, to make you horny: below.

Remember, btw, that I’d like to play an Adeptus Titanicus game or Kill Team. Don’t hesitate to counterchallenge me!