Happy Birthday 6shooters!

Seven years ago, on the first of March, 2014, our small club in big Amsterdam organized it’s first meeting in community center Pontania. Seven years later we’re still a club and still a community.

How ugly that a certain Roman warrior has spoiled our birthday party:

© Les Editions Albert René-BRUZZ | ‘Coronavirus’ is een personage in het Asterix-album ‘De race door de laars’ uit 2017

Anyway, however, nonetheless, nothwithstanding, after all and in spite of…

We’re SEVEN years old!

Before, Maarten & I had wargamed at a friend’s home in Dronten and at my home, but we missed a wargames club in Amsterdam, at biking distance. I hate to chase my wife & kids away because a group of grumpy old men wants to play with their toy soldiers 🙂 so I contacted Pontania. On February 15, 2014, after an introductory visit to the community center, we posted in the (now defunct) GWHobby forum:

I found a few pictures of our very first club meeting.

I recognize Simone, Rob and Mark, still club members, Maarten of course, a few occasional gamers (the smiling Polish girl never returned, sadly, I would have married her) and fellow wargamer Koen van den Eventuin from fellow club Hired Guns in Uden. Great guy, still! Even with the beard.

After the meeting we posted:

The GW shop gamers in the meantime organized themselves in the Amsterdam Battle Brothers club, but two years ago they merged with the Amsterdam6shooters. We have about 40 regular members now, and many occasional visitors, and excellent terrain.

When the club reopens (in April, hopefully), we will bring cake!

2021 will be better than 2020. This can’t last forever! Life seems less fun, without friends and family, beer in the sun, strolls in the park, hugs, good laughs, and, yes, a (war)game now and then. All work and no joy. I hope society will reopen in April (and never close again).

Personally, I paint a lot, instead of gaming – see the earlier Dropzone Commander report – and I play portable 2mm Napoleonic games against friends.

Eltjo and I also recently tried a 6mm Lasalle2 Napoleonic wargame. Lasalle 2 is the updated 2021 edition. Battle report below.

We hope to see you all soon in good health!