Assyrian Odds and Ends


These are the last of the Chariot Era figures from Bill McHugh’s collection.

Some Light Infantry/Skirmishing archers

A little repainting was needed here to give a blue/yellow theme to the unit. 

A second unit of Light Infantry Archers.

Once again, minor changes made to give a color theme to the unit. 

I once again tried to come close to reproducing the basing style that Bill used. 

An Assyrian Command Group…

a pair of Assyrian Heroes (for To the Strongest! games), and…

a stray Sardanna (Sherdan) leader or hero.
    I still have one other group of figures from Bill’s collection, a moderate Medieval collection from roughly the era of the early HYW. They will need a LOT of restoration work, and I have no pressing need to do anything with them, so it is unlikely I will touch them before 2022. 

Blunders On The Danube