Lasalle 2: new scenario

.As a fan of most games made by Sam Mustafa/Honour Games and a keen player of his Lasalle rules for Napoleonic Division level combat, I bought Lasalle 2 on release day earlier this month. I had already pored over the pre-release downloads so had a general idea what to expect, and was not disappointed by the full rules.

Others have described the changed mechanics in detail but in summary, the biggest innovation is a totally new play sequence, in which the clear phases common to most miniature rules have disappeared and the initiative shifts back and forth between the two sides until both have used up their momentum. This approach reminds me a bit of John Hill’s board game of Stalingrad, published by SPI back in the 1980s. It is certainly original and looks interesting, but I suspect it will take a few games to get to grips with the subtleties. I hope people give the rules a chance before passing judgement.

I have adapted a scenario from the original rules to cover Lasalle 2. It is quite straightforward to do. The scenario is here

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