Operation Compass: Map Moves 11th December 1940

Selby Force had a great start to the campaign having completely destroyed the 1st Libyan Infantry Division. Attention now switches to the south:

Having taken its first objective, Selby Force now slows up to allow for the ‘left hook’ to take place. 

To the far south the 4th Armoured Brigade with the 11th Indian Brigade attack the 63rd Italian Division who occupy a hastily prepared defensive position in the open desert.
To the north of that action, the 7th Armoured Brigade with the 5th Indian and 16th British Brigades assault the Nibeiwa camp occupied by the Maletti Division.
Firstly though the air phase must be completed. On this occasion 3 Italian fighter squadrons have intercepted 2 Blenheim bomber squadrons escorted by a squadron of Hurricanes.

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