Club Army Addition: Power Ups For Paratroopers and Allo Allo Germans

This weekend Maarten & I played a WW2 wargame at a club day, with the Crossfire skirmish rules. For those new and uninformed: since some years we have a WW2 club army for Bolt Action and similar 28mm skirmish games. Like a chess club, we think we must have our own chess pieces. Feel free to join games, use, borrow the club figures. We have our own Lend-Lease Act to fight WW2.

We recently added 2 small support units (MG, mortar, officers, forward observer, medic) to the German and British sides, as advised by our BA specialist Robert. Painted last month. The German and British club armies are really versatile and complete now.

The game was Crossfire. I have posted a Crossfire review. In short: mixed feelings. Meanwhile a few pics of a good game. Gentlemanly wargaming: I love it!