Jim, Nick & Scott Saved The Day!

Everybody was gone. De duvel en zijn ouwe moer – beautiful Dutch for the whole goddamn crew – was last week at Poldercon, this week at Warcon or next week at the club, or at the next ABB 40K competitive tournament February 23rd. Emptiness all around. Nobody booked. We almost canceled this club day – two tables is more or less a minimum. We’re heading towards 40 members and still – was this Abandonment Day?

But Nick & Scott booked and showed up and played a fun 40K game.

Tanks. Or should Nick say: ‘Thanks?’. Thanks to his tank he won the battle.

Nick joined us last month and today Scott also undersigned a contract in blood, with us devils. Welcome! May you live merrily ever after!

Besides, we had a newcomer, Jim. I played a quick game One Hour Wargames against him, with old 1/72 stuff donated by Rob and others. Excellent introductory game. 6 bases per side, simple rules, smart scenario’s – a fast kind of dice chess with good old soft plastics.

I lost. Did I mention that? I lost against a total newbie. I’ll try to forget this fateful day.

When Jim was gone I started to paint our new Napoleonic club army, cheap HäT 28mm Bavarians, 92 figures for only 30 euro, for the Sharp Practice game day. It’s an upgraded 1/72 set cast in hard plastic, excellent value for money.

Sure, single piece hard plastics are not as finely detailed as the ‘heroic’ 28mm fatboys in resin sold by Warlord etc. Or white metal miniatures. However they can be painted quickly and are useful, cheap playing pieces that look good enough at arm’s length on any table.

Finished examples, courtesy of Scott McPhee

I will speedpaint, quickshade & base them for the Sharp Practice event in March, and publish my own painting review later.

Next club day: upcoming Sunday. don’t forget to book, otherwise we might cancel… 🙁