Bolt Action 2nd Edition - 6Shooters League I


Results 500 pts round - 2 games:

Simone (Germans) vs Rob (US) - Rob wins 3 pts - Simone lose 0 pts

Simone (Germans) vs Thomas (Canadians) - Draw - Thomas 1 pts - Simone 1 pts

Eltjo (Germans) vs Rogier (French) - Eltjo wins 3 pts - Rogier lose 0 pts

Eltjo (Germans) vs Thomas (Canadians) - Eltjo wins 3 pts - Thomas 0 pts

Harm (Germans) & Daan (Finnish) vs Fred (British & French) - Draw - Harm 1 pts - Daan 1 pts - Fred 1 pts

Mark (Germans) vs Espen (British) - Espen wins 3pts - Mark 0 pts

Mark (Germans) vs Rogier (French) - Rogier wins 3 pts - Mark 0 pts

Results 750 pts round - 2 games:

Simone (Germans) vs Rogier (French) - Rogier wins 3 pts - Simone 0 pts

Eltjo (Germans) vs Rob (US) - Eltjo wins 3 pts - Rob 0 pts

Simone (Germans) vs Espen (British) - Espen wins 3 pts - Simone 0 pts








Eltjo 9 pts

Harm 1 pts

Daan 1 pts

Simone 1 pts

Mark 0



Espen 6 pts

Rogier 6 pts

Rob 3 pts

Thomas 1 pts

Fred 1 pts



Start Date of the League - 27th of November 2016

Rules can be found here


Summary of Players, Factions and Results:


Eltjo - Germans Osttruppen

Harm - Germans

Simone - Germans

Mark - Germans


Rogier - French

Thomas - Canadians

Rob - US

EspenS - British 8th Army


Rob Grootveld

Okidoki i am in with the U.S


Looking forward to fielding my Osttruppen as 1945 Georgians vs Germans


Eltjo but you're Axis, we will play against Allies


Maybe I'll have to turn traitor in round three. Very historical :-)


I'll think I want to participate as well. I have enough French and I'm building a DAK force. For my new force I'm collecting British Para's. So witch force must I take?




Witch force? This is historical, not fantasy! laugh

I also have 2 armies, Germans and Americans, and have no problem fielding either.


DAK! Or Vichy French :-)


Hey Fred, it's up to you which force, we will need to find another player anyway and we have enough spare armies to lend the faction that is missing in case, and also I'm flexible and can play with either Germans or US, so I will switch if needed for balancing sides.


I also have a few boxes with unpainted 28mm WW2 miniatures, but I have so many other projects which go first that Bolt Action is almost 40K, in a future far, far away..


Can't we just play all opposing allied/axis players once, in different rounds, and have a final civil war game (Swiss system) to determine overall winner? With the current setup that would mean for me 4 games vs Allies, and 1 game vs Axis.


But we lose the escalation fun. However we can vote for it, it's our league after all so let the majority decide, for me both solutions are fine :)


12 games in the current setup is a lot! If more players join, that will increase even more. So if we'd play one battle a month, it would take a year to finish...not sure whether we'll ever finish in that case.

My suggestion would be:

Round 1:

Two battles Axis vs Allies at 500 points

Round 2:

One or two battles Axis vs Allies at 750 points

Round 3:

One battle Axis vs Allies at 1000 points

One battle nr 1 ranked Axis vs nr 2 Axis, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6 at 1000 points. Same for the Allies, to determine best player per faction. (optional)

Final Round:

Nr 1 Axis vs Nr 1 Ally at 1500 points, or Nrs 1 and 2 in a 2000 points megabattle.


This would mean a minimum of 4 games per player Axis vs Allies, one optional Axis vs Axis and Allies vs Allies, one final game. Maximum 7 games, seems more doable, right?



You play at least once per month. With 2 club days per month and 500 points plays fast, you can probably get in more games.

Only play against opposing forces, so Axis vs Allies. With 4 on each side, this means 3 games per round. Forces are as per Simone's list, no changing sides halfway (no turncoats!).

That's my suggestion.


True, my math was screwd, it's not 12 games but 9 in total, only two more than Eltjo proposal and clean ladder. Maybe a final game if the first two end up with same points, what do you think?


There are two more sign-ups, which does mean 12 games in a full league.


Who are the new arrivals? Please add them to the list at the top/first post.


Fred Wildenburg (Fransen, DAK of Britten), Bart Stelleman (Duitsers) & Tim Heemskerk (Sovjets).


ok, so three more? we need a fourth then?


That would be ideal, otherwise there'll be a bye every round. I might know someone (Soviet player), but he's hardly ever available in weekends.


Robert Schriek (Soviets) is the 12th player.


That would make 12 players, 7 Allies (French, Soviet, Americans and Commonwealth) vs 5 Axis (Germans). Unless Fred comes with DAK, which would make it 6 vs 6.

If we were to play against every player from the opposing faction, that would mean a lot of games per round. Which in turn would mean a lot of time to finish the League. I would suggest to still playing 3 games per round, instead of 5, but try to play against as many different players. If someone 'challenges' you you have to accept, unless you have already played your 3 games in that round.


Think about KR as trophy sponsor. Foam cases. Also for Bolt Action. Nice as prize. They also sponsor LOTR Utrecht and Crisis.

I can put their logo in a rolling banner on our website in return.


Who wants to play two 500 point games on 27 November? We'll try to match those players in the first round, others can take it more slowly if they want, at the club or at home. If you don't have a preference, will put you in the one game poule. So far:

Harm: 2 games

Eltjo: 1 game




Tomorrow morning I can draw battles if it's better to organise games


Thomas and I agreed to play the first match against eachother, as we both might not be available on club days.


I don't have the 2nd edition rules yet so can't do the 27th (and might be too busy at work at any rate). 

Also are we playing with fixed lists or can we change them between games?


Hi Espen,

You can switch lists in between games. We start off with a few games at 500 points, then 750, finally 1000. Doesn't matter that you don't have the rules yet, you can borrow my pdf is you like, otherwise you'll learn the rules as you play. You could ask for someone to umpire for you if you like.




Espen we can change lists but we have to stick with Armies possibly. I would need your email address so please send me an email to to confirm your partecipation to the league and the army you will play (not the list), I need to roll for pairing asap. Thanks!


Coming Sunday Espen will come to my place to play our first game for the League. He will also then receive the new rulebook and some other goodies.

Espen will play British (8th (Desert) Army, I think). I will bring my generic Germans. I hope this pairing is OK.


Yes Mark, I feel bad I'm not updating everyone becuase I'm mainly using the whatsapp chat, tomorrow I will finally have some free time and I will prepare a google document with all the pairing so you can add the results. Then I will publish in the forum a monthly ladder.

With players using different communication tools is quite a challenge to update everyone, I think I will go for a pure and simple email for everyone, it seems the best way to communicate with everyone.

Have fun with Espen!


Best to use the forum, not all on whatsapp imho. Or at least publish the major plans and major updates here in the forum.

Not everybody is on whatsapp.Not everybody who is interested wants very frequent updates.

If the 'ingroup' of regular BA players likes to reach out to the 'outgroup' of casually interested players and newbies who check this site, then I advise you to publish here regularly. Whatsapp Is useful, but more for quick communication and ingroup appointments.

Email: when we had an email list, I saw people abandoning the list because they felt spammed. Be aware of that risk.

I can give you some extra editing permissions if needed.



There was some slight miscommunication between me and Mark. The game yesterday was just for me to see the new rules in action so not a game for this tournament.

I like to actually know the rules before I play a tournament game! :P


So we actually have one hero, who played his first ever Bolt Action game and had it count towards the league. He had the potentially juicy Osttruppen as opponent with full prior knowledge of their army list. He assumed that his light AT gun and artillery observer could take out the inexperienced German Renault R35 tank. He was right, except... he had the worst dice rolls ever and managed to roll a 1 for the artillery barrage his observer called in. It was targeted right on top of the R35, but now randomly moved exactly above his veteran unit dashing towards the objective. A further roll of 1 meant that the R35 was not in the 7" range, nor the 4" High Explosive template. His 8 veterans were. He went down to halve the hits, rolled a 6 for number of pins, and managed to get 3 men killed. So much for his offensive. Meanwhile, the enemy R35 rolled towards the Canadian HQ objective, got shot at the rear by his AT gun, which missed completely! Game over with a German win, but still our hero was smiling. His name is Thomas and he lost just one unit, an MMG, versus one unit of killed Osttruppen.


Nasty artillery


Ah well, live and learn.
A very enjoyable game nonetheless, on a very nice table.
Also, I really like Eltjo's Shirker Osstruppen and their dependancy on an officer nearby.

Of course, I'm now looking into getting my own army. :-)
Nation still to be determined, but I'm leaning on Finns and/or Sovjets at the moment for reasons of cool and also to have something not everyone has...


(In reply to a PM by Rob): the 8 28mm Najewitz houses are all ready. 7 of them already at Pontania. No worries about scenery.


I have one more 500 pt game to play. Harm, Daan; any of you have time for a game on the 29th?


Games still to play



I've played 750 points against Rogier and have a draw against Rob, with a 500 points game. Please update.

I only have to play Steve with 750 points.

BTW any plans for the last big battle? Date, points, mission?


Done! As the last big battle I would love to see a 'famous last stand' type scenario, with Germans being surrounded by the allies. Outskirts of Berlin?


I'm available to play my first 750 next club day - just let me know who would like to play 


I'm up for it :)


Harm vs Rob 3-0?


Fred has asked Daan if he will be coming any time soon. But it isn't likely. Steve can take his place, but that would mean we have 6 Allies and 4 Axis. Unless Fred changes sides (like a true Frenchman) and joins Axis.


Oui, monsieur Fred est une Française véritable! Hurrah for Steve!


So, since I have my finn models ready (as of yet unpainted, but partly primed), I could switch to axis if necessary.
However, I already have one game in, so that might screw with the maths ...

Anyway, also happy to play finns as allies. :-)


In both cases you'd get some strange standing results. If Steve would replace you, he'd get a 0-3 loss against me and a 1-1 vs Simone as results. The former is defensible, because I just beat him in a game - although that was non-league match. You would get a 1-1 vs Fred, with still 4 games to play. Steve would have 3 games to go.

If Fred replaces Daan, he'd get a 1-1 vs Steve and Steve would get a 1-1 vs Harm as well. Fred would still have to play 4 matches, Steve 3.

I think the second option has almost zero impact on the league, so that would be my preference. I updated the Excel file to show that,


Makes sense, but we'll have 6 allies vs 4 axis as a consequence.
Would that mean that some (axisplayers) will have to play more games than others (all allie-players) to complete the roster ?

EDIT: No, it wouldn't, Fred replacing Daan and Steve replcing Fred will make things 5-5.
Excellent ! Finns are allies ! 


I'm up for playing another tournament game. Looks like all the games are full for next meeting however so maybe the following one?

I still have one game left to play in each 'class'.


Perhaps Fred is available?