X-Wing is een geslaagd spel, met goed geschreven spelregels, toegankelijk, mooi uitgevoerd. Met modellen uit de Star Wars-serie speel je een luchtslag uit. De recensies zijn uitstekend. 

Jonathan Bolding van website The Escapist schreef:

Expanding over time with waves of new ships, the game has proved exceedingly fun in both organized tournament and casual home play. With solid rules, fast play, and expandable customization, this is one of the best miniatures games on the market right now.



Loop van het spel

Elke beurt is verdeeld in vier fases: planning, activatie, combat en afronding. Bolding:

"In the planning phase, you use a dial of available ship maneuvers to secretly select how each of your ships will move. Then, in the activation phase, players move their ships in an order determined by their pilot abilities, playing out the moves previously chosen along small cardboard templates. After that, combat ensues, where ships that have gotten each other into their sights get to shoot at each other, which is played out with an easy dice-based system. Finally, you clean excess tokens off the board. Board, of course, being a very loose term here - there's nothing like a playmat required, you just fly ships on any flat surface available.


Bolding merkt als voordeel op dat er op dat er simpele internet-instructiefilmpjes van het spel zijn.

"Unlike some more complicated miniatures games that rely on grid movement or finicky measuring, the fast and loose template based movement and fire at play in X-Wingensures that you can stop worrying about ruler measurements and counting squares and instead get to the interesting parts of planning and rolling dice quickly. You spend less time establishing parameters that allow you to play the game and more time actually playing it."


De eenvoud doet volgens Bolding niet af aan de diepgang van het spel.

"Each type of ship has certain actions it can take each turn, and often using a different pilot for that ship adds an action to its repertoire. Those actions are things like evading, locking on target, and barrel rolling - simple to execute, but the choice often depends on your own playstyle or weighing odds of an enemy attack hitting you or not. Further, there's a deep skill in understanding the movement limits of your own ships. Each ship has a different dial of movement options - so nimble TIE Fighters are faster than powerful X-Wings. For example, a TIE Fighter can execute a 180 degree turn much quicker than an X-Wing, which takes more space to do the same. Mastering how you use the premeasured distances your ships can move is a huge factor of competitive play in this game, and the sheer skill of staying in formation and outguessing your opponent during dogfights is thrilling to master.Once you've mastered the base game, which will come quickly, you'll start building your own squads by customizing who's flying what ship and what ordnance they're carrying, along with further things like powers, droids, and special talents. Each expansion pack released for the game includes more powers, more pilots, and more ships, allowing for what's now a thriving metagame of strategies and counter-strategies, builds and counter-builds. The game is consistently expanding through more "waves" of ships - not one of which has managed to unbalance the entire game. To date, you'll not have to worry about a friend buying the shiny newest ship and ruining your play experience. Recently, Fantasy Flight has started adding larger ships, though they're smartly relegated to special tournament formats and casual play."



De bijgeleverde voorbeschilderde miniaturen vindt hij uitstekend van kwaliteit, hoewel aan de dure kant. Bolding: "The quality of the miniatures and components is typical of a Fantasy Flight game - quite high, with good details and lasting, good stock on cardboard components. The ships in particular are some of the highest quality prepainted miniatures available for any game on the market right now. They're a worthy addition to a Star Wars fan's collection.

That quality, however, comes along with the game's single downside: Price. It is not cheap. It is neither cheap to get into, cheap to collect, nor cheap to assemble a good, playable set of. At $40 for the core set of three ships and the templates, you're getting the basics for two people to learn the game's rules and the components to play with. You're not getting anything like enough ships to play a full size battle - and you'll end up paying $15 a ship from there on out. Now, individual ships do come with a variety of pilots and cards like droids or weapons, but the price is still quite high. While this game isn't nearly as expensive as a game like Warhammer, nor does it have the collectible must-buy-more urge of Heroclix, it's still definitely a hobby game with a reasonable expected investment to play. You'll end up paying above a hundred dollars to field a sizable force against your friends - but you could be quite happy with that and never spend more. As with any miniatures game, you've got to balance out what you're willing to pay against how much fun you're looking to get out of the game.

Because one box simply is not enough. This is just not a complete game out of the core box. You'll never have enough fancy minis. Never." 

Facebook link

De Amsterdamse X-Wing community heeft een eigen facebookpagina, klik hier. Er is (behalve bij ons iedere twee weken) ook een vaste speeldag elke donderdag 19-22 uur in spellencafé Twee Klaveren in Amsterdam

Youtube videolinks

  • Een aardige video-review, door twee prinses Leia's, staat hier.
  • Een introductie op de regels is hier
  • video-tactische tips: hier

Boardgamegeek link collection

Boardgamegeek heeft een verzamelpagina met links naar tactische tips, templates, missies, regels, markers etc. Enorm bruikbaar.

Space Battle Mats

Een vinyl mat kost 30-40 euro. Alternatief: een papieren battle mat van anderhalve dollar die je voor 20 euro in drie verschillende kleuren laat uitprinten bij Printer Pro (bijvoorbeeld, of bij een ander - mail ons als je een goedkoper adresje vindt). Scheelt toch de helft en drie voor twintig is nog altijd goedkoper dan één voor veertig.

Software Tools

Er is handige software voor het spel, zie onze subpagina

Deathstar Trench Run Scenario

Onderaan deze pagina kun je een X-Wing-scenario downloaden.

Epic regels

Wij zijn als clubwargamers een fan van de Epic-regels, die casual 2vs2-games mogelijk maken.

Full Thrust

Niemand in Nederland kent Full Thrust, maar de regels zijn gratis en doen in simpelheid en snelheid niet onder voor X-Wing. Regeldownload hier.